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a secret listener to private conversations

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The passageway afforded a station for guards in the same room with their master without intruding entirely upon his privacy; it concealed secret exits from the chamber; it permitted the occupant of the room to hide eavesdroppers and assassins for use against enemies that he might lure to his chamber.
Although, considering that the eavesdropper requires access to WhatsApp's servers makes the flaw a little less dangerous, the implications are alarming.
It was a tough choice for Richard and Eavesdropper could not get a run, but Hawkesbury was well drawn in three and Pat has given him a great ride, waiting for that gap on the rail," said assistant trainer Bhupat Seemar.
The API requires authentication, and some developers hard-code the credentials for the API into the mobile application-a discouraged coding practice that opens up the app to the Eavesdropper vulnerability.
In [2], [3], opportunistic secrecy was introduced, which allows channel variations due to fading in order to achieve secrecy, even when the eavesdropper has a higher average signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).
Then, the influences on secrecy oriented spectrum and energy efficiency performance caused by the power allocation for AN, transmit antenna number, number of users served by each MBS, and eavesdropper density are analyzed respectively.
An eavesdropper who doesn't have the key can't read the garbled message.
He was recruited hoping to be a spy but is stuck as an eavesdropper desperate for fieldwork.
However, for relay systems with security concerns, the beamforming technique needs to exploit the channel information of both the destination and the eavesdropper.
The scope and net of "Voice Studies" is deliberately wide ranging across different culures' use of choral/vocal performance, specific Alexandrian Technique influenced voice training, artistic performances of vocal works both spoken and sung, the examination of voice from varying viewpoints of composer, listener, and eavesdropper, and voice technology and mobile apps.
However, secrecy capacity is affected by channel conditions between the source and the destination, as well as those between the source and the eavesdropper.
But law-abiding people should be able to text and sent emails without fearing a great eavesdropper that monitors jokes, quips and occasionally sensitive words.
The word eavesdropper comes from the act of listening in on others from the eavesdrop (a small empty space below the rain gutters) of others' homes.
He added that the bug had the potential to allow eavesdropper to intercept a user's data from a cellphone, the report added.
If an Eavesdropper tries to obtain any information about s[i], a disturbance will result and, even if Receiver and Sender's bases match, s[i] [not equal to] s[i].