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a secret listener to private conversations

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He subsisted for a time upon his traffic in his master's secrets; and, this trade failing when the stock was quite exhausted, procured an appointment in the honourable corps of spies and eavesdroppers employed by the government.
The scope and net of "Voice Studies" is deliberately wide ranging across different culures' use of choral/vocal performance, specific Alexandrian Technique influenced voice training, artistic performances of vocal works both spoken and sung, the examination of voice from varying viewpoints of composer, listener, and eavesdropper, and voice technology and mobile apps.
However, secrecy capacity is affected by channel conditions between the source and the destination, as well as those between the source and the eavesdropper.
National Security Agency (NSA), the notorious eavesdropper, has made a breakthrough in spying technique by embedding surveillance software in hard drives made by top manufactures, according to Kaspersky Lab, the Moscow-based security software maker.
But law-abiding people should be able to text and sent emails without fearing a great eavesdropper that monitors jokes, quips and occasionally sensitive words.
An eavesdropper can also measure the photons but would leave a trail.
The word eavesdropper comes from the act of listening in on others from the eavesdrop (a small empty space below the rain gutters) of others' homes.
He added that the bug had the potential to allow eavesdropper to intercept a user's data from a cellphone, the report added.
At MIT List, the installations Eavesdropper and If These Walls Could Talk (with door) (both 2011) incorporate amateur listening and communication devices invented, one might suppose, to satisfy an individual's desire to be part of a network of social exchange from which he or she is excluded.
Instead of protecting the entire image, preventing an eavesdropper to decode key portions of the image saves energy while still maintaining a desired level of security.
The researchers noticed when ClientLogin sent an authentication token over an insecure HTTP connection when being used in an open W-Fi network, an eavesdropper could get access to the user's authentication information.
Al Zarooni's stable jockey Ahmed Ajtebi partners UAE debutant Etched, a Grade 2 winner on dirt last year in the US, with Mickael Barzalona on the trainer's third runner, Eavesdropper.
If a private eavesdropper is involved, then he should be found and punished," he said.
I am not an eavesdropper, but people are now extremely kind when talking on their telephones, to share their lives with the whole of the bus" - cartoonist and novelist Posy Simmonds.
By using extra wires, the eavesdropper had built a transformer inside the cable that connected the telephone terminal to the switching equipment.