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strong coarse brandy

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Some of the oldest of the lot, containing eaux de vie that would later be sold as Louis XIII in elegant crystal carafes, are covered with thick cobwebs.
That indicate the age of the youngest eaux de vie used in the blend: V.
It is only once it has undergone a century of ageing and been blended with over 1,200 eaux de vie that it is worthy of being labelled Louis XIII, one of the finest cognacs in the world.
Full bar contains selection of grappas, cognacs, armagnacs and eaux de vie.
Randall Grahm began experimenting with eaux de vie because he originally wanted to make marc, a French brandy produced from grape promace (seeds, stems) in a fashion similar to eau de vie.
As Hennessy is the mix of the finest eaux de vies, the Artistry tour has been an exemplification of that by mixing hip-hop, pop rock, glam-electronica and international beats.