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strong coarse brandy

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WILD will be the only organic grape-based eau de vie in the UK market.
BEIRUT: Scores gathered in the Phoenicia Hotel's Eau De Vie Lounge Bar and Grill over the weekend to mark World Whisky Day, drinking, eating and dancing in celebration of the quintessential Scottish spirit that has become a global phenomenon.
Cognac is made from its distilled spirit, or what is called the eau de vie.
Every step of the way which eau de vie is in the barrel is, with a typically French flare, marked on the barrels in elegant chalk handwriting.
Then there is The Greek Protestor (Eau de Vie), 2013, in which a Molotov-cocktail-wielding demonstrator is integrated into a checkerboard-like grid with a sign for Eau de Vie.
To close out the evening, try the Saint Marcellin, a soft cow's milk cheese, and a glass of eau de vie fruit brandy to help ward off indigestion.
TASTING NOTES The eau de vie is as astringent, yet not as sweet or fruity, as you might expect.
Farms also had equipment for distilling fermented grain into liquor, or fruit wine into eau de vie.
But it is the famous drink derived from Eau de Vie - the water of life - that brings untold fame and fortune to the bustling medieval market town that bears its name, and to the neighbouring district of Jarnac on the banks of the Charente river.
Dinner is served at the chic French dining restaurant Eau de Vie and Whisky Mist is the popular London night club that opened doors at Phoenicia earlier this year.
And only when it has attained a particular shade does an eau de vie earn the name 'cognac'.
In addition, the distillery has plans to produce eau de vie, a fruit brandy made from Arkansas peaches, as well as various "seasonal, all-natural flavor-infused vodkas.
I want to forget what I could have bought with the money I left at Aintree: the bottles of Bollinger that would have lined the lower (cooler) shelf of my refrigerator, the eau de vie of Pear William that can lie comfortably in the freezer, it being too alcoholic to freeze solid.