eau de cologne

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a perfumed liquid made of essential oils and alcohol

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Wild Coco's silks are inspired by the 4711 eau de cologne label
Out in March, the selection of eau de toilettes includes gardenia, eau de cologne and No 22.
White's Unstung Hero Natural Spray Anti Mosquito Eau De Cologne, 250ml, pounds 15, www.
The artist formerly known as Puff Daddy, Puff Diddy, Piddley Diddly, Pee Poo Poo Puff n' Stuff and Iestyn Pritchard (it was during his time as a researcher forWelsh-language news programme Heddiw back in the '80s, never talks about it), has based the newproduct on his eau de cologne, Unforgivable, which I'm guessing was named after the majority of people's first thoughts upon sniffing it.
Eau de cologne is a lighter, less oppressive scent used during the day.
06 BEAT the bites with Isabella Smith's Eau de Cologne that makes you smell irresistible to humans - but not mosquitoes.
signed a deal with British luxury brand Asprey to distribute its Purple Water eau de cologne line in the U.
Party Games holds an entry in the Jewson Novices' Handicap Chase at the big meeting so a bold show in the Eau De Cologne Novices' Handicap Chase would do his Festival claims a power of good.
99 for eau de cologne spray, from the Perfume Shop.
Which is a bit better than the bath salts and eau de cologne that most mums get.
6 CONTINUOUS PROJECT In just one year this newly formed collective has reprinted the first issues of Willoughby Sharp and Liza Bear's Avalanche (1970), Monika Spruth's Eau de Cologne (1985), and, especially perverse, Muammar Qaddafi's collected parables, Escape to Hell, the first in their "Dictator Series.
The first was a distance success over the useful Eau De Cologne, who has scored twice in the meantime,and a former winner of the Aintree contest, Northern Starlight.
Exeter stages the day's jumps card and Red Guard can atone for his fall in the Newbury race won by Eau De Cologne on Saturday by landing the South-West Racing Club Chase Handicap.
Thomas Pink Gold Cup - Coral betting: 2-1 Shooting Light (from 9-4, from earlier 11-4), 10-1 Scrahan Cross, Foly Pleasant, Arctic Copper, 11-1 Exit Swinger, 12-1 Eau De Cologne, 14-1 Young Spartacus, 16-1 Robbo, Bindaree, Celibate, Korakor, 20-1 A Piece Of Cake, Cadougold, Dorans Gold, Iris Bleu, Samakaan, Red Ark, Stan's Your Man, 25-1 bar.
L'Occitane Vitoria Regia Eau de Cologne Night, PS39; L'Occitane Vitoria Regia Eau de Cologne Day, PS30; KIKO Revitalizing Elastic Scrub, PS12.