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The Eating Place is a community cafe open Tuesday to Thursday from 10am to 2pm.
Just as we might pop into a fast food restaurant for a bite to eat, this red squirrel knows a handy eating place or two.
Asked to name his favourite eating place, James shunned swanky restaurants and trendy bars in favour of his local kebab shop in Bargoed.
The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) is reminding all restaurants, hotels, and eating place licensees that they may dispense beverage alcohol on Election Day, November 5th.
A GOURMET survey to find a city's best eating place has given top marks to the local jail.
TO enter your top eating place, fill in the coupon below and send it to reach us by first post on May 31.
Act 141 of 2000, which went into effect in February of this year, removed Election Day operating restrictions for restaurants, hotels, and eating place licenses that do not possess a Sunday Sales Permit.
Name your favourite eating place and it could become the South Wales Echo Restaurant of the Year.
From rotisserie chicken stores to coffee bars, hamburger places to taquerias, fast food is the largest eating place segment, expected to capture 47.
Another Tees Valley eating place also scored success.
The spot is currently in escrow and due for a year-end debut as a casual eating place with the name The Oinkster.
I told the manager that it was misleading and it was like any other Oriental eating place.
So, if you would like your favourite eating place to be in with a chance of the title, fill in the form and send it in before the closing date, August 31.
But this popular neighborhood eating place that dubs its fare Mediterranean doesn't need trees to draw a consistent and devout clientele.
Your favourite eating place must be able to provide a two-course meal for two - starter and main course - excluding drinks, for A: under pounds 25; B: pounds 25 to pounds 45 or C: pounds 45 plus.