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Words related to breakfast

the first meal of the day (usually in the morning)

eat an early morning meal

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provide breakfast for

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She cut into a tomato to eat for breakfast on a toasted sandwich and found a 3cm ripe strawberry inside.
And if you think you're an over-eater, just wait till you see what other people eat for breakfast.
Sports science and nutrition lecturer Dr Emma Stevenson is investigating whether the type of bread you eat for breakfast influences your attention and memory levels throughout the morning, as well as the amount of food you eat throughout the day.
Some years ago, CSPI director of nutrition Bonnie Lieberman told the Washington Post that they "used to publish a lot of 'inside the beltway' stuff about USDA policies and what the FDC was doing before realizing what people were more interested in was 'what to eat for breakfast.
You know, there are all sorts of foods you can eat for breakfast.
Spot Follows Up to Net's Research Findings about Kids' Eating Behaviors and Food Choices: Only 50% of Kids Report Eating Breakfast Everyday; 74% Choose What They Eat for Breakfast All or Most of the Time; Only 39% of Kids Eat Three Meals a Day Everyday
What you choose to eat for breakfast can affect your mood and physical and mental performance.
They talked about the various fruits grown on farms and little chicks born overnight as well as eggs and things we eat for breakfast and what and where it comes from.