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He is the most easy-going, even-tempered person I have ever met.
Yee's classes reflect his precise, yet easy-going style, and he is a popular teacher worldwide, leading dozens of workshops and retreats each year.
Given their negotiation skills and easy-going way with international statesmen - they must be good, because Tony Blair's rarely off the show - I wonder if Richard and Judy might consider upping the stakes.
The songs of The Mamas & The Papas captured the spirit of the easy-going California lifestyle and characterized the values of the emerging hippie movement.
Q When my current boss interviewed me for this job, he was friendly, funny, and easy-going.
Keeping with the easy-going California lifestyle, all Twin Fin wines are in screwcap, making beach bonfires and barbecues that much easier.
I was so impressed by his low-key, easy-going personality, I just started collecting all his stuff from that moment on,'' said Dennis, who later struck up a friendship with the Wayne family.
It has an easy-going pineapple aroma that scored overwhelmingly positive with consumers.
He has made close friends on the team, quickly adjusted to the school and is popular with coaches and teammates, who appreciate his easy-going attitude in practice as much as the boost he gives the team on Friday nights.
I'VE spoken to Frank Dobson and he seems a nice bloke, easy-going with a ready wit, but I think he missed the point when he said this week: "Everyone who said they're supporting Ken Livingstone is coming out in support of me, including all the MPs who actually voted for him.
His style is very inclusive and easy-going, which is what led us to describe NOW PLAYING as 'Pop Culture for the rest of us.
I think people see Craig as a smooth, easy-going kid out on the floor, but after the game you look at the box score and he put together a nice line.
It was one of those fun days to play golf, an easy-going round where I never got in much trouble," said Donald, who will defend his European Masters title in Switzerland next week when qualifying for the 2006 Ryder Cup begins.
Renee is a hard-working, easy-going professional who we can count on to respond to anything at a moment's notice," said Lori Barber, Multi Service Aviation sales manager.
Keith, who had been struggling to find a break after Boyzone, won a host of new admirers with his easy-going charm against the egos of Anthea Turner and Jack Dee.