easy mark

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a defenseless victim


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The notion is we'll send a signal to future grifters that we're not an easy mark," McKinney said.
You do not want to waste time producing a lengthy introduction, but at the same time you will be given credit for producing a report format, so don't let this easy mark slip through your fingers.
He obviously thought I was gullible and an easy mark.
Surely, Sarah McKinley's assailants thought the young, slender, widowed mother was an easy mark.
TREE AND EASY Mark Child is expecting a busy time of it as Christmas trees go on sale at Hamsterley Forest.
Alison Ingram's hope may have the legs of the selection in the early stages and if so will not be an easy mark for the blue jacketed runner.
Remembering you is easy Mark we do it every day, it's the heartache of losing you that never goes away.
Don't let him fool you," said UO assistant Tom Osborne, who has coached with Helfrich three different times during their careers, making each an easy mark for the other's sense of humor.
Mars gives you a subtle edge this week, so if anyone thinks you're an easy mark, they should think again.
If anyone is foolish enough to think you're an easy mark this week, they'd be wise to think again.
Remembering you is easy Mark, we do it every day, the hardest part is missing you, it never goes away.
And this isn't a crowd you'd figure as an easy mark to roll over for an animated-critters movie.
He might also be reconsidering his mental image of "an easy mark.
That's what has made it such an easy mark for critics.
While they took it easy Mark Hughes' side went for the jugular, the manager declaring after a seventh victory in nine games had lifted Rovers into 10th: "This was maybe our best performance of the season.