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Easy Going, On the Lighter Side presents 13 similarly short pieces at the same difficulty level.
Clyde Walkway Route: Glasgow Green to Uddingston train station Distance: 11 miles Grade: Easy going Why?
The campaign is aimed at promoting both the 'Big Girlie Night In' or 'Night on the Tiles' and will carry the strapline 'Seriously Easy Going.
It's just easy going out there to play and trying to learn and get better with this offense.
Six out of 10 people asked said they liked Alan because he is down to earth and easy going, while Charlie Dimmock's best attribute is the fact that she is a female, according to the poll.
What is more likely, I think, and Moldea gives us plenty of evidence of this, is that Stein, Wasserman, and the others found in Reagan an easy going fellow who has always put himself in the hands of managers who could be persuaded that he and they had common interests without the need for any under-the-table tactics.
Baby Love, Polonaise, Carefree Beauty, Prairie Sunrise, Prairie Harvest, Pink Pet, Marie Van Houtte, The Fairy, Wind Chimes, Felicia, Livin Easy, Easy Going, Nearly Wild, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Zach, Mutablis, Playboy, Quietness, Westerland, Awakening, Pinkie, Marie Daly, Sea Foam.
Ross is a handful, and needs 100 percent attention, while Joey's the happy, easy going, Gerber baby.
Kevin Keegan's side open their Euro 2000 campaign against the Portuguese a week on Monday and it will be anything but easy going by this display.
It's fun, easy going, and inclusive," said Ken Rose, National Brand Director, Southern Comfort.
It won't be easy going for either show, since they're both competing against longtime hit ``Law & Order.
It has not been easy going,'' he said of the talks, blaming ``political as well as military'' roadblocks.
Not that it was easy going back to Hawaii for 10 days and saying goodbye to everyone.
Wan Kuok-koi, alias Broken Tooth Koi, who heads Macao's most feared crime gang 14K, told Time he was not a monster, saying the film ``Casino,'' loosely based on his rise to power, will show he is ``very easy going and funny.
For adult consumers burdened by the daily stresses of life, the four ads demonstrate how MALIBU's easy going character can help consumers take a break, loosen up and have fun with friends - whether when thumping melons for purchase, buying a donkey or going on a job interview.