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a comfortable upholstered armchair

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Presently he was in his easy chair with Rose upon his knee smiling up in his face and talking as fast as her tongue could go, while he watched her with an expression of supreme content, as he stroked the smooth round cheek, or held the little hand in his, rejoicing to see how rosy was the one, how plump and strong the other.
March got her wet things off, her warm slippers on, and sitting down in the easy chair, drew Amy to her lap, preparing to enjoy the happiest hour of her busy day.
The Inspector accepted a newspaper and an easy chair.
In an instant all the strength of mind of this creature, though drawn from the most vigorous sources, abandoned her; she sank into a large easy chair, with her arms crossed, her head lowered, and expecting every instant to see a judge enter to interrogate her.
It's fitting that Italian furniture house Moroso chose Le Palais de Tokyo as the setting for its reproduction Big Easy chairs by Ron Arad, shown here in stark white injection-molded polyurethane foam.
Contract notice: Beam seats, folding seats, easy chairs and reception chairs.
Examples of easy chairs, sofas, tables and bookshelves will be on display in the Pandon Room in Newcastle Civic Centre on Wednesday from 2pm-8.
His writer's salon consists of a square desk, four beds, two brown leather easy chairs and a television.
He discovered submerged mattresses in dark sloughs in Arkansas; mustachioed men in soiled jumpsuits in Minnesota; overstuffed easy chairs and old pornography in Iowa--the ingrown evidence, in other words, of a peculiarly American brand of dilapidated romance.
Coventry Rotary Club recently provided a computer and easy chairs for Quinton Wing, while Axa raised about pounds 700 to improve the waiting area for the ECT suite.
No matter where they are used - nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or independent living centers - easy chairs and other lounge seating need to be designed and constructed to meet the requirements of an aging and frail population.
Putting patients in wheelchairs or easy chairs does not solve the problem, however.
When the wash rags match your easy chairs they even look good.
RCR has gained worldwide acclaim for affordably bringing information from diverse conferences to the desks and easy chairs of busy and curious market researchers.
Without removing themselves from their easy chairs, consumers can now replicate nearly the entire shopping experience, sans lines, parking lots, the post office and bad wrap jobs.