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a comfortable upholstered armchair

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This tender is intended to define the conditions under which candidates undertake to ensure that members of the group of commands CHU / GCS average CUC, supply, delivery, installation and commissioning service to seats beam, folding seats, easy chairs and seats home for PPR-URM buildings and Psychiatry.
When the wash rags match your easy chairs they even look good.
RCR has gained worldwide acclaim for affordably bringing information from diverse conferences to the desks and easy chairs of busy and curious market researchers.
Without removing themselves from their easy chairs, consumers can now replicate nearly the entire shopping experience, sans lines, parking lots, the post office and bad wrap jobs.
Ace Bayou's line of sound furniture includes a host of revolutionary easy chairs that allow users to become immersed in the entertainment experience by incorporating high-quality sound into innovative rocking and stationary chair structures.
Reminding us that just because the calendar is about to change centuries, and soon there won't be much we can't do from our living-room easy chairs, it doesn't mean we still can't get our hands dirty.
The X Rocker II and V Rocker are revolutionary easy chairs, which allow users to become immersed in the entertainment experience by incorporating high-quality sound into an innovative rocking-chair structure.
These people turn off their TV sets, get out of their easy chairs, and join a Neighborhood Watch program to help the police, spend a few days a month with a church or civic group painting over graffiti and picking up other people's trash, or get involved in a program like Councilwoman Laura Chick's new Neighborhood Codewatch.
No more dimly-lit hotel restaurants with not-so-funny comedians -- now drivers can take defensive driving on the Internet on their terms, whether it is from their easy chairs at home or at work during their lunch break.
Two paprika-colored sofas are the living room's warm center, and yellow and red floral easy chairs and a burgundy ottoman dominate a library with built-in, ceiling-high bookshelves.