easy chair

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a comfortable upholstered armchair

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Presently he was in his easy chair with Rose upon his knee smiling up in his face and talking as fast as her tongue could go, while he watched her with an expression of supreme content, as he stroked the smooth round cheek, or held the little hand in his, rejoicing to see how rosy was the one, how plump and strong the other.
March got her wet things off, her warm slippers on, and sitting down in the easy chair, drew Amy to her lap, preparing to enjoy the happiest hour of her busy day.
I'll say a thank-you to him for that when I see him," said Anne, pulling easy chairs before the fire.
The furniture was framed in gold and upholstered in satin brocade and it consisted of easy chairs, divans and stools in great variety.
The Easy Chair opened on June 13 at 818 Valley Mall Parkway in East Wenatchee.
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It has been one of the most successful introductions of an easy chair that Fritz Hansen has ever experienced.
BOOTLE kids will be able to chill out in style on an Italian leather couch and matching easy chair donated to the Brunswick Youth and Community Centre.
This was to be a gift for me, a most loving gift all on its own, but not only did my family all gather, arranging their various work schedules to make the picture happen, they moved me and my wheelchair to the picture location along with an easy chair for me to sit in, so I would be part of the picture and not off to the side in a wheelchair.
com Dining chair, pounds 149, BoConcept Red Eiffel chair, pounds 69, Dwell Box dining chair, pounds 199, Dwell PS Brygga easy chair, pounds 249, Ikea Ruwet chair,pounds 199, www.
I have had my easy chair raised for easy access and have not had any physio as yet.
Harahan also turns his attention to the more mundane elements of his milieu--dandelions blowing in the breeze, birds and planes drifting by, an abandoned easy chair squatting on the sidewalk--to create a sense of the textures of everyday life.
It's a ride you will enjoy in the comfort of your own easy chair.