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Synonyms for eastward

the cardinal compass point that is at 90 degrees

moving toward the east


Related Words

toward the east


References in classic literature ?
Seven days it took him to journey thus far, and then he thought he had gotten far enough to the north, so, turning toward the eastward, shunning the main roads, and choosing byways and grassy lanes, he went, by way of Litchfield and Ashby de la Zouch, toward Sherwood, until he came to a place called Stanton.
On the evening of the fourth day he reached Nottingham Town, and there straightway divided his men into bands of six or seven, and sent them all through the countryside, blocking every highway and byway to the eastward and the southward and the westward of Sherwood.
Then, buckling his belt more tightly around his waist, he ran fleetly down the road toward the eastward and Sherwood.
Then, turning his steps once more to the eastward, he stepped out right foot foremost toward Nottinghamshire and Sherwood Forest.
Meanwhile merry Robin rode along contentedly, passing safely by two bands of the King's men, until his heart began to dance within him because of the nearness of Sherwood; so he traveled ever on to the eastward, till, of a sudden, he met a noble knight in a shady lane.
Once was enough, for, evidently finding no life in the smooth cloth surface of the machine, it ceased soaring and straightened out on its eastward course.
The doctor became uneasy at this persistent setting of the wind in that direction, for he felt that he was being thrown back to the eastward, toward the centre of Africa, and the interminable deserts of that region.
When we had gorged our fill, we carried the remainder of the meat to the eastward forest and hid it in a tree.
From the close of the year 1811 intensified arming and concentrating of the forces of Western Europe began, and in 1812 these forces- millions of men, reckoning those transporting and feeding the army- moved from the west eastwards to the Russian frontier, toward which since 1811 Russian forces had been similarly drawn.
Then head eastward to Elizabeth and Mott, between Houston and Prince Streets.
About 50 miles south of the Grand Canyon, a small river called West Clear Creek is chewing its way eastward through rocks similar to those that the Colorado began to erode millions of years ago.
From 1977 through 1998, ocean temperatures along the equatorial Pacific remained generally warmer than average, while abnormally chilly waters extended far eastward from Japan.
During El Nino, warmth normally centered over Indonesia spreads eastward across the entire Pacific, dragging with it towering thunderheads that pump heat into the atmosphere.
El Nino is a phenomenon of the tropical Pacific in which the westward-blowing trade winds weaken, allowing a pool of warm water normally situated off Australia to slosh eastward toward South America.