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of the eastern part of a city e.g. Manhattan

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The Downtown Eastside is a massive, nonstop street party for drug users of all kinds.
The intimate celebration is a tradition that dates back to Eastside's early years, head teacher Susan Gusinow said - one of many she and others hope will stay alive when Eastside and Harris Elementary fuse as Camas Ridge Community School in September.
We are proud to participate in the opening of Stamford's first Fairfield County Bank at Eastside Commons.
Palmdale's board decided at its July 11 meeting to lease out the eastside campus to anyone who's interested.
MacDermid Plc, based in Palmer Street, Bordesley, has instructed a top London law firm to fight the council's move because it fears the Eastside development could force its factory out of business.
The Downtown Eastside Employment Strategy is one part of the Vancouver Agreement's overall plan to revitalize the East Vancouver community.
The new Fortune Bank Eastside Office will be managed by Cheryl Gunderson.
Critics and drivers alike have almost unanimously positive praise for the 2016 Mazda Miata, which makes this model's availability at Eastside Mazda so intriguing.
The Post can exclusively reveal a bid is being written for an HS2 College, to train apprentices working on the high-speed rail line, to be based on Eastside Locks.
The idea is under consideration as part of a fresh look at the council's Eastside Masterplan.
In fact, even Superintendent George Russell said he needs more time to "cogitate" on whether the schools could successfully blend into one, as has been suggested by teachers at both schools, or whether it's best to close Harris and possibly Eastside, too.
Eastside Commons, a new luxury residential development located in downtown Stamford, CT, will continue the revitalization sweeping through the area by providing 108 new residential units and 15,000 s/f of retail/commercial space to Stamford's East Side.
LANCASTER -- The Eastside Union School District will pay $8,000 for an executive search team to help hire a new superintendent.
Borders Grand Opening at EastSide; Eighth New Store at EastSide; EastSide - Mind, Body & Spirits
One local dealership, Eastside Volkswagen, is taking the hassle out of haggling by offering MakeMyDeal, an easy-to-use service which allows shoppers to make an offer on a vehicle online.
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