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an inhabitant of an eastern area

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While the research did reveal that over half of North Easterners are aware of the importance of managing blood pressure (50%) and cholesterol (42%), many still don't understand the importance of blood flow in heart health.
Wealthier EU states including Italy -- now the main gateway to Europe for the refugees -- have threatened to reduce generous development funds earmarked to help the easterners close the gap in living standards.
The challenge that Atlantic and Athabasca clergy need to address, Lawton and Peddle said, is how to encourage Easterners to get involved in the church where they are living, while still affirming their ties to their home parishes.
Of course, only Middle Easterners (or those who looked it) were being stopped.
Discrimination against north easterners may sometimes be termed regionalism, but name-calling and attacks on those with a Mongoloid face certainly is racism.
No "in loco parentis" for her, as her principal, a social studies teacher who came from the West to teach these easterners democracy, expects of her; indeed, when she's in her teacher's role, she does not even help her own daughter in class.
Several assembly members told Reuters that easterners had since been promised the National Oil Corporation (NOC) headquarters would also move to Benghazi, but it was difficult to say when this would happen as they had not seen official paperwork yet.
Thirty seven representatives from the north eastern states and NGO representatives earlier participated in the training, which focussed on initiatives for the safety and security of north easterners in Delhi.
And there were reports in the past week that easterners angry over the constitutional assembly had blocked the main coastal road connecting the country's centuries-old rival provinces.
Middle Easterners are back in force for the second time having returned after Ramadan.
Shrime, co-founders of the Middle Eastern Comedy Festival, who are encouraging fellow Middle Easterners to keep the art world alive by creating workshops and a platform for aspiring young comedians, actors, writers and directors.
The poll by German market researchers the Emnid Institute found that one in 12 westerners and 14% of easterners would sell their vote to any political party for EUR5,000 (pounds 4,500).
Westerners sometimes view easterners as lazy, backward ingrates while easterners sometimes see those from the West as arrogant know-it-alls who have imposed a cold consumption-driven system upon them.
But unemployment in the east and lingering mistrust between westerners and easterners is strong.
The fundraising has drawn fire as institutional investors were initially excluded from plans to raise pounds 3bn through the issue of reserve capital instruments (RCIs) to the Middle Easterners.