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an inhabitant of an eastern area

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There are few scholars to whom the term suggests a process by which an Easterner might utterly misconceive the West and its citizens, much less do them an injustice.
Washington, Feb 7 ( ANI ): Easterners really do look at the world differently to Westerners, researchers say.
A Sikh, mistaken for a Middle Easterner because of his beard and turban, was killed.
A sharp left to the body dropped Temple for eight early in the sixth round, and a cracking right to the head floored the north easterner for another count of eight towards the end of the round.
An Easterner is a worker who was born in Asia or Africa (excluding South Africa and Israel), or if he is Israeli born and his father was born in Asia or Africa.
ineker's side includes another proud orth Easterner in former Manchester -son - one of five born in our parts which means we have some input into The Best according -Lineker's side includes another proud North Easterner in former Manchester United and England skipper Bryan Robson - one of five born in our parts which means we have some input into The Best according to the Match of the Day pre senter.
Andrew Taylor, of Washington, won the top cash prize on the People's Postcode Lottery and was presented with his cheque by a fellow North Easterner, Judith McCourt.
The 23-year-old from Consett, County Durham, is hoping to be the first North Easterner to win the reality TV show.
Every North Easterner is pleased when visitors are take delight in the local sights, for they know what a thrill it is to see the likes of Durham Cathedral or Hadrian's Wall for the first time, and how fine a walk through Newcastle's historic centre can make a person feel.
DAVID CLARK won the MEN Manchester Open, the PGA North Region's flagship tournament, at Mottram Hall when he beat fellow North Easterner Michael Nesbit by two shots.
People think Tony Jeffries was the first North Easterner to join Maloney after the Beijing Olympics.
Andy, pictured, of Hexham, is the only North Easterner among 20 British craftsmen heading for London next month bidding for top awards.
Then I read Richard McComb's preview of a hotel in London which costs PS523 per night, obviously an affordable attraction to the average North Easterner.
Ellen Barkin stars as Bill's friend and sometimes lover Calamity Jane, with John Hurt portraying the transplanted Easterner who became Bill's best friend and confidant, Charley Prince.
And where's the money to be made bringing in a pound of marijuana or one Middle Easterner who'll pay $25,000?