eastern white pine

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tall-growing pine of eastern North America

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Hammermilling southern yellow pine chips consumed the highest amount of energy among all the species (Table 3), while energy requirements for size reduction of eastern white pine and yellow poplar chips were very similar (Table 3).
The original eastern white pine clapboards are still found on some homes, as are floorboards measuring 18 to 20 inches wide.
As shown in Table 2, at the center, lengthwise to the cut, the Rq for Fiberon, Trex, ChoiceDek, Smartdeck, and eastern white pine were 1.
It began in the eastern white pine forests with the first sawmill in Maine in 1626 and quickly progressed until Bangor was the world's biggest exporter of pine with shipping destinations on four continents.
When the first European settlers arrived stands of eastern white pine (EWP) (Pinus strobus L.
2), primarily the reference eastern white pine species but to a lesser extent in the PSL control samples.
Since 2002, Maryland lost the white oak crown to Virginia, and Michigan lost the eastern white pine to Maine.
The Decision upheld the ITC findings that Western Red Cedar and Eastern White Pine are part of a continuum of species of softwood lumber and are not excluded.
4 percent for eastern white pine (initial MC between 59% and 153%), loblolly pine (initial MC between 66% and 91%), and aspen (initial MC between 49% and 91%), respectively.
The new 363-point eastern white pine champion was discovered in the old-growth of the Porcupine Mountains of Upper Michigan.
Red pine was not reported by Wangaard, but eastern white pine was reported as having thermal conductivity values from 0.
In previous Registers the title for tallest eastern tree belonged to the soaring eastern white pine.
Eastern white pine and northern red oak joints showed no significant reduction in tensile capacity when end distance was reduced to one half of the end distance required for full design load specified b y the National Design Specification(R) for Wood Construction(R) (NDS-97).
An illegal tire dump and motor-cross raceway at Rhode Island's Dyerville State Park will disappear with the planting of 10,000 eastern white pine and black locust on this Global ReLeaf Forest site.
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