eastern red cedar

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small juniper found east of Rocky Mountains having a conic crown, brown bark that peels in shreds, and small sharp needles

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Ponera pennsylvanica: Like Hypoponera opacior, this species was found nesting in the needle litter under eastern red cedar trees and in soil around grass.
Other authors have noted the abundance of eastern red cedar in the Black Belt, and have suggested that an increase in abundance of this tree happened within the last century.
Whole-tree Eastern red cedar particleboard--a promising product for Oklahoma.
However, at the Dallas and Taylor County sites, the dominant trees are live oak, mesquite and eastern red cedar.
Eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana 'Canaertii', 'Chamberlaynii', or 'Pendula Virdis')
Hazel, alder, eastern red cedar, loblolly pine and sumac were found to be preferred species of trees for rubbing in a Vermont study.
Other trees of the New World that were early transplants from Europe include the tulip tree, swamp cypress, eastern red cedar, magnolia, flowering dogwood, white pine and scarlet oak.
Add dogwood, holly, hawthorn, and eastern red cedar trees to your landscape, and in out of the way places, leave the pokeweed, elderberry, and sumac for the bluebirds.
These beautiful new stamps feature close-up views of the foliage and cones of four different conifers: ponderosa pine, eastern red cedar, blue spruce and balsam fir.
During our survey, the eastern red cedar expanded across prairies of the Red Hills and across the southern Great Plains in general (Briggs et al.
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