eastern indigo snake

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a variety of indigo snake

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Florida: Lake George & Tiger Bay State Forests: flatwood salamander, striped newt, Eastern indigo snake.
Many of these species, such as the Indiana gray bat, gopher tortoise, and Eastern indigo snake, are listed as threatened, endangered, or sensitive.
Federally-listed species include the Florida scrub-jay (Aphelocoma coerulescens), eastern indigo snake (Drymarchon corais couperi), southeastern beach mouse (Peromyscus polionotus niveiventris), and coastal vervain (Verbena maritima).
Taylor expects to see a related increase in the population of gopher tortoises, which prefer the open groves associated with longleaf pine, and perhaps even the threatened Eastern indigo snake, which uses gopher burrows for food and shelter.
She is, in fact, one of 74 eastern indigo snakes that Smith has outfitted with radio transmitters during the past three years while trying to answer basic questions about the life of North America's largest snakes.
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