east-west direction

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in a direction parallel with lines of latitude

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Stephan O'Meara spotted a tight string of stars in an east-west direction almost halfway between these two compact groups of galaxies.
The study also estimated that the mineralization area could be as large as 700 meters in east-west direction and 600 meters north to south.
Recent drilling demonstrates that the mineralization not only continues along strike in an east-west direction but is continuing to extend to the north as evidenced through recent condemnation drilling for site facilities.
5 km along the east-west direction and a width of 16 m (9 m thick) along the north-south direction.
When looking at an area for routing, it is usually easy to see if there are more traces that need to be routed in an east-west direction or a north-south direction.
Traffic will go through the junction into an underpass, which will carry traffic in an east-west direction.
The Avebury nickel sulphide ore system is known to extend in an east-west direction for more than 2,000 metres as a series of sub-parallel semi continuous zones along and across strike.
1 reactor recorded tremors of 680 gals (acceleration of 680 cm per second per second) in the east-west direction, more than twice the 273 gals anticipated in the design.
recently recovered a consistent number of diamonds along a drilled fence of 1,000 metres, in an east-west direction on their Leadbetter property north of Wawa.
Whereas you could travel thousands of miles in a north-south or east-west direction, until now "up" has been restricted to less than six miles, even on Mount Everest, and "down" to even less than that.
The site is also relatively long in the east-west direction, so avoiding the sun's glare at dawn and in the late afternoon.
Although more a north-south railway, the line would travel over halfway across the country in an east-west direction and could therefore also form part of the government's promised east-west rail link.
He initially excavated 3-4 m deep pits in the bouldery till (reinforced with timbers like a mine shaft), oriented in an east-west direction perpendicular to the direction of the movement of the glaciers, which he determined from the glacial striae.
The velocities of seismic waves going north-south through the center of Earth are slightly faster than those traversing the core in an east-west direction.
Not only does this road run mostly in an east-west direction, the pavement is a shade of gray.