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the compass point midway between northeast and east

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At the time, Arthur was about 100 miles east-northeast of Cape Canaveral, Florida, moving north at about 6 miles an hour.
The quake struck at 7:36 am local time (2236 GMT Monday), 318 kilometres (197 miles) east-northeast of the Timor Leste capital Dili in the Banda Sea at a depth of 18 kilometres, the US Geological Survey said.
2[degrees] apart, very low in the east-northeast an hour before sunrise.
The Japan Meteorological Agency said the extratropical depression was moving east-northeast at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour over waters west of Kyushu at 9 a.
The Japan Meteorological Agency said the tropical storm was moving slowly east-northeast after losing its typhoon status near the Izu island chain south of Tokyo before 3 a.
The quake struck 129 kilometers (80 miles) east-northeast of the city of Cusco at 3:49 pm (2049 GMT), according to the US Geological Survey.
struck about 60 kilometres east-northeast of the city of Tabriz and the town of Ahar in north-western Iran, with reports emanating from state TV indicating that at least 87 people were killed dead and 400 more injured, according to state TV.
However, they said it was being blown to the east-northeast away from the Mexican capital.
AngloGold Ashanti reports the resource estimate for the Tropicana gold project 330 km east-northeast of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia has increased by 1.
The property offers an east-northeast striking, 6 km long by up to 1.
While cruising at 9000 feet msl at 1102:00, the airplane made a 35-degree right turn to the east-northeast.
Peggy Peirson, emergency services coordinator for Benton County, said the epicenter of the quake was 18 miles east-northeast of Newport and 16 miles east-northeast of Siletz, at a depth of 27 miles.
Prevailing winds in northern Alaska blow toward the east-northeast, almost perpendicular to the long axes of most of the oriented-thaw lakes.
Wind (2-4 m/sec) blew from north-northeast to northeast in the morning and northeast to east-northeast in the afternoon.