east wind

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a wind from the east

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Hepzibah delayed a moment, while muffling herself in a faded shawl, which had been her defensive armor in a forty years' warfare against the east wind.
A woman's tears do not make one wet, but the rain does; and her coldness does not lay the foundations of asthma and rheumatism, as the east wind is apt to.
They seem to keep a specially cutting east wind, waiting for me, when I go to bathe in the early morning; and they pick out all the three-cornered stones, and put them on the top, and they sharpen up the rocks and cover the points over with a bit of sand so that I can't see them, and they take the sea and put it two miles out, so that I have to huddle myself up in my arms and hop, shivering, through six inches of water.
The vilest breeze that blows--a hot east wind in London--was the breeze abroad on that day.
Davis had evidently taken his coffee too strong that morning, there was an east wind, which always affected his neuralgia, and his pupils had not done him the credit which he felt he deserved.
But when Anne went to bed Sunday night the east wind was moaning around Green Gables with an ominous prophecy which was fulfilled in the morning.
They said there could be no east wind where Somebody was; they said that wherever Dame Durden went, there was sunshine and summer air.
Much YOU know of east winds, my ugly darling," said I, kissing her in my admiration--I couldn't help it.
There was a convenient spot, near the signal-mast, close by an immense building, that would serve to shelter it from the east winds.
Cypress Growth Capital provided the financing for the transaction, and East Wind Advisors acted as exclusive financial advisor to the seller.
Many times, up to his death in 1945, when an east wind blew he would say 'the east wind was the only wind Robin Hood couldn't stand'.
The second solo piano album by Timothy Cooper, East Wind is a roughly hour-long CD with an exotic Asian influence.
The words EAST WIND written in white neon illuminated the installation like an artificial sun.
164 F3d 814 (1998), and the Third Circuit's in East Wind Industries, Inc.
IRE) (Nasdaq:IREG), a leading provider of Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology and solutions for secure business communications, today announced a formal distribution agreement with East Wind Technologies, Inc.
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