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Synonyms for easiness

the ability to perform without apparent effort

freedom from constraint, formality, embarrassment, or awkwardness

Synonyms for easiness

a feeling of refreshing tranquility and an absence of tension or worry

freedom from difficulty or hardship or effort

the quality of being easy in behavior or style

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The easiness to raise fund via SPO is a major attraction of the Taiwanese stock market to listed firms.
Government efforts to fight corruption can potentially improve the perception of the easiness to start and manage businesses.
The result of such easiness and gestures will be the lifting of the visa procedures, added Bagis, assessing the statements of EU Commissioner for enlargement Stefan Fule who said that they launched initiatives for easing visa procedures for Turkey.
The rankings were based on scores in seven categories -- short-term weight loss, long-term weight loss, easiness to follow, nutritional completeness, ability to prevent or manage diabetes and to manage heart disease.
The foul, it's difficult to see, but the question I have is as well is the easiness in which Mellor got in.
The deal will provide customers with additional and closer touch points, which increases the convenience, easiness and quality of NBC services, while diminishing customers' travel time, queuing for bonds' purchasing and overall taking out any hassle from the saving experience," National Bonds said in a statement on Monday.
The automaker stated that the model is designed around the concept of 'longing for sun, summer, for lightness and easiness, the desire to be at the beach.
Another said: "It gives me the choice and the easiness of getting about.
Returning to Ophelia, she warns her brother of 'the primrose path of dalliance' which is an allusion to the easiness of falling into sin.
This whole scene is one of unfettered easiness, the only troublesome element being the flies that flock to the warm bodies of the horses, especially around their heads and in particular their eyes, where dozens will nestle at any one time.
He takes an anecdotal and discursive walk through the practices and aesthetics of huge prisons and our attitudes toward them, covering food, uniforms, rape, reformers, and the frequent easiness of "hard labor.
This new camshaft is the best on the street use because it has the quick response and the easiness to driving.
Seven or eight solid O' levels were once enough to open the door to a very good university: now the perceived easiness of the exams means you need to net 10 or 11.
Observers contacted by Sudan Tribune agree that operation started and ended with an exceptional easiness.
While season ticket holders will benefit from quicker access and the easiness of purchasing home cup tickets, the club will be less likely to suffer from fraud as the cards cannot be copied, while fans who have been banned will not be able to gain access.