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Synonyms for ease

Synonyms for ease

freedom, especially from pain

freedom from constraint, formality, embarrassment, or awkwardness

freedom from labor, responsibility, or strain

the ability to perform without apparent effort

steady good fortune or financial security

to make less severe or more bearable

to reduce in tension, pressure, or rigidity

to become or cause to become less active or intense

to make less difficult

to maneuver gently and slowly into place

to advance carefully and gradually


ease off: to moderate or change a position or course of action as a result of pressure

Synonyms for ease

freedom from difficulty or hardship or effort

a freedom from financial difficulty that promotes a comfortable state

the condition of being comfortable or relieved (especially after being relieved of distress)

freedom from constraint or embarrassment


Related Words

freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility)

move gently or carefully

lessen pain or discomfort

make easier

lessen the intensity of or calm

References in classic literature ?
thou wilt bring me soon To that new world of light and bliss, among The Gods who live at ease, where I shall Reign At thy right hand voluptuous, as beseems Thy daughter and thy darling, without end.
Thus saying, from her side the fatal Key, Sad instrument of all our woe, she took; And towards the Gate rouling her bestial train, Forthwith the huge Porcullis high up drew, Which but her self not all the STYGIAN powers Could once have mov'd; then in the key-hole turns Th' intricate wards, and every Bolt and Bar Of massie Iron or sollid Rock with ease Unfast'ns: on a sudden op'n flie With impetuous recoile and jarring sound Th' infernal dores, and on thir hinges great Harsh Thunder, that the lowest bottom shook Of EREBUS.
Never in his life had he felt so supremely at his ease with one of the opposite sex.
Surely, with that note in your hand, your mind is at ease too?
Resuming his boisterous manner with the same ease with which he had thrown it off, Quilp was in an instant the same uproarious, reckless little savage he had been a few seconds before.
It's a big expense and money is tight and anything that can be done that is practical and fair to ease the burden helps all of us because we want our city to look professional, clean and sharp," Bender said.
Automated Testing Tool Support for Ease of Maintenance: Provides support for industry standard testing tools, such as Mercury QuickTestPro, enabling enterprise quality assurance staffs to carry out successful application deployments.
The results of The Tolly Group's testing are a wonderful illustration of Attachmate's commitment to improving desktop productivity and helping to ease companies' transition to corporate Intranets," said Jim Lindner, president and CEO of Attachmate.
With advances in flexibility, scalability and ease of migration, the new central-office based service provides businesses with data services, improved management software and dozens of new features.
of Curriculum and Instruction, SUNY Oswego), Frequency of Occurrence and Ease of Articulation of Sign Language Handshapes: The Taiwanese Example is a contribution to sign language linguistics research that particularly examines Taiwanese Sign Language in its search to discover whether the use of specific sign language handshapes increases in direct relation to the ease of their physical formation.
Every studio and major independent production company in North America has used at least one Ease Entertainment solution.
Total Installation (was installed on time, on budget, ease of installation)
With pressures on resources having diminished and likely to ease somewhat further and with labor costs remaining subdued, the risk of continuing increases in inflation had fallen considerably; indeed, in the view of many members inflation should moderate over the projection period.
Most of the members who preferred to ease immediately indicated that they could accept an unchanged directive that was biased toward ease, and such a directive also was acceptable to many members who favored a symmetrical directive.