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an upright tripod for displaying something (usually an artist's canvas)

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When they were all reseated before their easels, Servin sat down beside Ginevra.
A cloud of grey smoke was curling up over the top of the easel.
We sat in the studio, and he waved his hand to an unfinished picture on an easel.
Philip placed an easel where she indicated, and Mrs.
said Adelaida, who was fussing among her paints and paint-brushes at the easel.
Three great safes were ranged along one side of the wall, piles of newspapers and maps were strewn all over a long table, and a huge Ordnance map of the French and Belgian Frontiers stood upon an easel.
When Simon Nishikanta, huge and gross as in the flesh he was and for ever painting delicate, insipid, feministic water- colours, when he threw his deck-chair at Scraps for clumsily knocking over his easel, he found the ham-like hand of Grimshaw so instant and heavy on his shoulder as to whirl him half about, almost fling him to the deck, and leave him lame-muscled and black-and-blued for days.
So that picture also vanished back into the obscurity of the artist's easel.
On the little easel near the window was her last drawing, not quite finished yet.
When Rose went to bed, she found that Uncle Alec had not forgotten her; for on the table stood a delicate little easel, holding two miniatures set in velvet.
Her eyes were fixed on a photographic likeness of Mercy, which was so raised upon a little gilt easel as to enable her to contemplate it under the full light of the lamp.
To our surprise, we were ushered into a room where the first object that met the eye was a painter's easel, with a table beside it covered with rolls of canvas, bottles of oil and varnish, palette, brushes, paints, &c.
Fentolin was sitting before the open window, an easel in front of him, a palette in his left hand, painting with deft, swift touches.
Of his picture, the one that stood now on his easel, he had at the bottom of his heart one conviction--that no one had ever painted a picture like it.
The furniture was the perfection of luxury and beauty; the table in the centre was bright with gaily bound books, elegant conveniences for writing, and beautiful flowers; the second table, near the window, was covered with all the necessary materials for mounting water-colour drawings, and had a little easel attached to it, which I could expand or fold up at will; the walls were hung with gaily tinted chintz; and the floor was spread with Indian matting in maize-colour and red.