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affording pleasurable ease

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In this dystopia, even more so than in The Loved One, society is "in love with easeful death.
Elsewhere in Winterbottom's films, too, contemporary travel is liable to be figured as arduous and full of peril, rather than as the easeful process that ideologues of globalization would have us believe.
Graham-Smith, Greg 2004 "Half in Love with Easeful Death": The Sex/Death Dialectic and the Eroticization of the Aids Virus.
Still, easeful death aside, it's technically never too late to turn these sort of things around - or to throw another hat into the ring if you fancy giving your own prowess a rigorous examination while the world looks on and sniggers.
Thus is A Piatigorsk, sur la poesie one of the finest, most easeful, and yet truly penetrating contemporary meditations on the value of the literary gesture.
The practice encourages spiritual unity, "an easeful body, a peaceful mind, and a useful life.
Then the easeful thought occurs to you: "This is only a matter of time.
Some of my most easeful moments have occurred on the hoof.
This narrative suggests that the &facto and de jure discrimination that compelled blacks to pass before the Civil Rights era, has itself passed from this world, given an easeful death by the 1967 Loving v.
They seem asleep, furry body nestled into furry body, slung over each other in easeful abandon.
A productive regimen, Krasnow says, involves gentle movements and easeful stretching.
Here, he ceaselessly patrolled the touchline, generally in easeful mode, though occasionally interrupted by his rapid-fire tick-tack signals which moved his players around like pieces on a giant chessboard.
Like Iphimedeia, who loved Poseidon, she seems in love, perhaps with the genius of the sea, just as Keats was "half in love with easeful death.
He was an affable and elegant gentleman who played at cards with easeful skill but without intensity, seeming to enjoy more the digressive conversations than the winning or the losing, on one occasion even revealing a card from his hand, a one-eyed jack, to comment, with a wink at all and an ingeniously contrived narrative, on the evident ill-bred character of the knave (he won that hand, a clever ploy).
The airiness also helped, in fact it even contributes to, that easeful quality when the music wants to be very loud and powerful.