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affording pleasurable ease

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Anderson's flight from custody was neither the first nor last time the legal rights of Bhopal's citizens were to be sacrificed for the purported benefit of India's "investment climate," or the rule of law twisted or circumvented to make the passage of investment into India's economy more easeful for North American business interests.
The energies thus expended in pursuit of such easeful fulfillment were, ironically, volatile, if much of the popular print and screen discourse from that era devoted to promulgating the sacralization of the nuclear family is to be believed.
We noticed a significant change in his speech--much more easeful and less high-pitched--which was permanent.
While Shakespeare in the Eighteenth Century nuances, rather than rewrites, earlier essay collections--such as Peter Sabor and Paul Yachnin's Shakespeare and the Eighteenth-Century (Ashgate, 2008)--its unique "Reference Guide", sponsorship of different methodological approaches, and the easeful conversations that take place among its various contributors at once expand and brighten our critical horizons.
Aside from the early, swift stabbing of a vagrant in the street, the only physical violence we see in the first act is the climatic killing of his smooth-talking, loathed colleague Paul Owen (nicely easeful Ben Aldridge).
Still, the assumption is that this period will pass and men and women will, sometime in the future, have a more easeful lovemaking.
After finding the Cafe on Byram Street, I sat among a crowd transfixed in quiet awe at Jack Manning's acoustic set, performing in his exceptionally easeful manner whilst confidently asserting his vocals.
Waugh subsequently published two articles, one ("Why Hollywood is a Term of Disparagement") an excoriating critique of the Hollywood studio system, the other ('"Half in Love with Easeful Death': An Examination of Californian Burial Customs") a mock-anthropological profile of Forest Lawn.
The service points of Mobile Library 1 to be affected from September 16 to 23 are Cho Yiu Chuen, Shek Lei (I) Estate, Lai Yiu Estate, Kwai Shing East Estate and Kwai Shing West Estate in Kwai Chung; Easeful Court in Tsing Yi; and Riviera Gardens and Sham Tseng in Tsuen Wan.
She calls the nudity easeful and decidedly not erotic: "It looks like a painting the way it's lit--it feels like a sacred scene.
In the judgment of his biographer, however, Rev Aldis was "too sane and wholesome to be 'half in love with easeful death'" (MacBeath 64).
Rather, Brosman conjoins an easeful, suave--sometimes, frankly, meandering--voice with a compact allusiveness and wit that recovers some of the genius of the Metaphysicals of the seventeenth century.
Easeful life has taken up arms against me, And fervor has been undone.
Katie Lanzer, "Yoga and Piano: Learning to Unify Musical Intentions with Easeful Actions," American Music Teacher, June/July 2009.
In almost all his books, Sinclair meanders, satirizing his obsessions, half in love with easeful bathos, a master of topographical description.