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Synonyms for eased

(of pain or sorrow) made easier to bear

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3 : to move very carefully <He eased himself into the driver's seat.
In September, the assembly of business trucks also slowed, and the output of industrial equipment eased.
With respect to prices, members noted that the recent pause in the expansion had eased pressures on resources, and the economy appeared to be in a better position to accommodate moderate growth over the forecast horizon without adding to inflation.
The federal funds rate generally remained near 6 percent, but most short-term interest rates were down on balance in response to incoming economic data, particularly the employment report for May, that were seen by market participants as increasing the likelihood that monetary policy would be eased in the near future.
The members recognized that monetary policy had been eased considerably over the course of recent months, including a decision to reduce reserve pressures at the end of October, and that all of the stimulus from the earlier actions had not yet been felt in the economy.