ease off

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Synonyms for ease off

become less intense

reduce pressure or intensity

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I lost a position because I had to ease off, and on lap five it shook really badly.
Feldenkrais helped me to loosen the muscles, so I gradually was able to ease off that area and lessen the pain.
Mubarak was hoping for assurances that Bush would demand a deadline for Palestinian statehood and ease off criticism of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.
And as for my shoulder, the doctors had just advised me to ease off on the cartwheels for a while, but I hope we'll see it again on Saturday.
Yet, I know it's time to step back, ease off, discover things other than my productivity at work.
It might also help to work on regulators' attitudes -- to ease off on the "guilty until proven innocent" stance, the obsession with the "letter of the law," and the focus on legal machinations that spawn so much complication, expense and waste of time and spirit.
A man who'd rather switch than fight, Staats cut a deal: he promised Holifield that the agency would ease off on the Pentagon, in exchange for a committee report that contained only a mild rebuke of the GAO.
Slow for the Cone Zone" is designed to make drivers cognizant of workers in work zones and encourages them to ease off the gas pedal as they pass through.
But Drogheda were in no mood to ease off as Breen struck for his late treble.
While it is being carried out, the council has agreed to ease off on its enforcement processes.
But having not recorded a victory since the US PGA in 2008, Harrington wants to ease off a touch.
What's more, the models' shocking antics don't look set to ease off anytime soon.
Recent evidence that private sector hiring is beginning to ease off slightly now points to a less positive trend in employment.
And he feels that the players who were rested for yesterday's game were given a timely reminder to not switch off or ease off when their time comes against Blackpool.
In many cases, it will ease off when you change your footwear, and use orthotics - usually fitted by a podiatrist.