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a soft yellow wax secreted by glands in the ear canal


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Such treatment facilitates the removal of earwax by gentle irrigation with water.
You may also be poking the earwax deep into your ear.
Resist the temptation to stick cotton buds in your ears as this can push the earwax further into your ears.
A SEVEN-page scientific paper by a 39-strong international team of scientists, published yesterday in the journal Nature Genetics, is solely devoted to the genetics of wet and dry earwax.
It could be a buildup of earwax, which your doctor could easily remedy.
Residents Toka, Soul and Earwax will be serving up the usual.
The Disgusting Adventures of Fleabag Monkeyface: When Earwax Attacks by Knife and Packer, pounds 4.
This means that new earwax pushes the old wax out of the ear.
Birmingham funnyman Jasper Carrot: ``The suc-cess of the NEC and the NIA in Birmingham is scaring the earwax off the people in London.
These are provided by Jimmy Tango from TranceMission in Leicester, an acid set from Earwax from Boston, Brian Surgeon and a live set from Ex-Regenerator.
Core brands include Chloraseptic sore throat treatments, Clear Eyes eye care products, Compound W wart treatments, The Doctor's NightGuard dental protector, the Little Remedies and PediaCare lines of pediatric over-the-counter products, Efferdent denture care products, Luden's throat drops, Dramamine motion sickness treatment, BC and Goody's pain relievers, Beano gas prevention, Debrox earwax remover, and Gaviscon antacid.
Earwax acts as a cleaning agent for the ear with lubricating and antibacterial qualities.
Chris Martin makes me want to eat someone else's earwax rather than listen to his records.
Washington, June 2 (ANI): Having malodorous armpits and goopy earwax is any woman's nightmare.
offers practical help and advice to patients to ensure they get the best possible treatment for ear infections, earwax or other problems that can cause discomfort.