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Once, these types of earthworms were not available in Bangladesh.
THEY say there are no new stories in football but Soren Andersen's revelation that his old Bristol City team-mate Sean Dyche's gravelly voice is down to a diet of earthworms disproves that.
The addition of earthworms provided another breakthrough for the team with the Mars soil simulant.
New Delhi [India], Aug 19 ( ANI ): A team of Indian researchers has discovered two new primitive species of earthworm in the Western Ghats mountain ranges in Kerala.
7in) annelid, weighing 26g, is the largest earthworm ever found in the UK.
Emma Sherlock, Natural History Museum scientist and chair of the Earthworm Society of Britain, was astonished by the find, saying: "I was bowled over by the size of this worm when I opened the plastic box they sent it in.
Museum scientist Emma Sherlock shows off Dave the giant earthworm
In response to organic and inorganic pollutant perturbations of glutathione concentration, the activity of glutathione-S-transferases, glutathione reductase and glutathione peroxidase have been previously reported in earthworm (Qaszczyca et al.
The process is considered faster than composting because material passes through earthworm gut whereby the resulting earthworm casting are abundant in nutrients, plant growth regulators and fortified with pest repellency attributes as well.
ISLAMABAD -- A study of correlation between the number of earthworms and the abundance and diversity of certain understory species has found that the earthworm could be a threat to plant diversity in natural ecosystems.
The huge creatures are the biggest found in the UK and are more than three times the weight and length of a normal earthworm, measuring up to 1.
There are about 1800 species of earthworm discovered.
In the case of earthworm, a representative nematode, the LC50 values determined for contact filter paper test from Probit's analysis after 48 and 72 h were 500g/cm2 and 300 g/cm2 respectively.
The second all-ages CD by Earthworm Ensemble, Backyard Garden is a sprightly album of thirteen original songs, ranging in variety from indie rock to folk and zydeco.