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an earthen rampart

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The second edition of this estimation guide for earthwork and heavy equipment projects offers estimators, contractors and planners a specific 2009 price guide for site preparation, cut and fill, roadwork and paving, excavation and other related costs.
The demarcation of a specific area typically involves a single bank and ditch earthwork, although there is good evidence for a variety of constructional devices.
Using aerial photographs, Carr discovered a unique earthwork complex early this year.
Contract notice: Earthwork in the framework of the 5th extension to the court of justice of the european union in luxembourg kirchberg
With this release, Quest Earthwork users can experience significant benefits with the latest laser, GPS and machine control applications.
LOUIS, May 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Shock Top and Stan Herd, the world's preeminent representational Earthwork artist, are collaborating on a series of original Earthworks - a first for the artist and the beer brand.
Smithson's 1973 essay "Frederick Law Olmsted and the Dialectical Landscape" describes Central Park as a gigantic earthwork whose ideal picturesque conception is at the mercy of entropic forces.
Adding trenching takeoff capabilities to Quest Earthwork has made it more convenient, by eliminating an extra step in completing the takeoff process," says Quest Earthwork user Chris Hawkins, vice president of Hawkins Brothers Utilities, Inc.
Limited Tenders are invited for Earthwork In Cutting For Flattening Of Slopes To Avoid Failure, Earthwork In Filling Between Km.
If the Minimal work was represented in schematic form (usually, a no-nonsense diagram on graph paper) then the earthwork demanded something more.
This Tortured Earth, 1943, for instance, is the model for an earthwork to have been executed by military bombardment; as a wall relief, it looks surprisingly like some of Ti Shan Hsu's work of the '80s.
Due to the fact that Earthworks faces competition from other creators, producers, sellers, marketers, distributors and licensors, and due to the uncertainty of the public's response to Earthwork's children's and family entertainment properties, actual results may differ materially from such forward-looking statements.
The task-orientated, work-order-driven system complements traditional and 3D machine control operations, while delivering greater ease of use and increased site measurement capabilities to the earthwork contractor.
Other recent safety measures organized by the city include an excavation rule that requires builders to give the DOB 24-48 hours notice prior to beginning any excavation or earthwork or face penalties which could include a three-day stop work order.
Paine has brought an artistic approximation of nature - a reverse earthwork, in a way - into the post-industrial expanses of the museum.