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Straw, the former Chairman and CEO of Prime Bank, is the Chairman of Earthstar Bank.
The Board and I want to particularly thank our investors who studied and believed in the Earthstar Bank concept.
Earthstar Bank's traditional branch office will be open as soon as final regulatory approvals are received.
Earthstar Bank loans will be subject to a loss-sharing agreement with the FDIC under which the FDIC will provide 80% loss coverage on the covered single family residential and commercial loans.
Depositors of Earthstar will automatically become depositors of Polonia Bank, and their deposits will continue to be insured by the FDIC up to $250,000.
A complete set of written instructions on making sourdough bread as well as how to make a starter culture is on our EarthStar Primal Habitat website.
A North Shore resident and Massachusetts native, Richardson has been featured in Boston Globe Magazine and EarthStar and is currently leading the Lifestyle Makeovers series on Oprah.
I would suggest there's still work to be done to positively identify the "earth-star" in the poem; the daisy is far more likely than the fungus, as the latter closes in hot, dry conditions, not at night like the earthstars do in the second stanza.
In the Formby dunes, Gary McLardy found a healthy group of earthstars, wild arum in leaf and a blooming lesser celandine.