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Synonyms for earthshaking

loud enough to shake the very earth

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sufficiently significant to affect the whole world

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Earthshaking Strike will tear the ground open to bring a shockwave that batters enemies on its path.
In what could be an earthshaking shift by the major powers, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said Monday the Group of Eight (G8) wealthy powers will probably impose new sanctions on Iran when they meet in Italy next week.
Leo Tilman, who heads his own strategic advisory firm, has clearly thought long and hard about the earthshaking changes in the financial world, and what a more optimal business model might be.
An earthshaking betrayal unfolds, with the unfortunate Sakura caught in the middle.
The Earthshaking Earthquake Mystery is an exciting chapter book for young adults that blends wacky adventure with an introduction to amazing science.
Pitt and Jolie, who wore Dolce & Gabbana under her Escada wool coat, then watched the earthshaking epic in Real D, the advanced digital 3-D technology, with Helen Mirren, Annette Bening, Nicollette Sheridan, Warren Beatty and other guests.
The initial bestowing of a gift, a seeming act of generosity, has far-reaching, even earthshaking, ramifications, far beyond the normal thought processes that most of us employ in our daily toils.
Gruber's conclusions--that copays still influence utilization and that income-related cost-sharing is ideal--aren't earthshaking, but his analysis of the current available research should be a must-read for everyone involved in the CDH movement, especially consumers.
Though critics agree that the novel isn't earthshaking in either content or style, they find much to praise in Winston's thoughtful portrayals of the too-often-cliched philandering husband, lonely wife, and needy mistress, as well as the descriptions of tender moments between Ted and Elinor even as they pragmatically "outsource" their sex life to fertility doctors and their love life to therapists.
The Richest Season: Sometimes You Have To Leave Your Life To Find Yourself Again is a novel about three human beings facing earthshaking transitions in their lives.
Taking these one at a time, none is, in and of itself, earthshaking.
But it's not earthshaking, and it is all in the course of doing business.
Scientists say that Taipei 101--the world's tallest building--may have triggered the earthshaking quake.
Without Cliburn's earthshaking talent, no artistic, and hence no political, sensation would have followed.
In any event, although the results of this study were hardly earthshaking, we are glad to see them published under the aegis of a university--hitherto an institution unremarkable for acknowledging liberal bias.