earthly concern

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the concerns of this life as distinguished from heaven and the afterlife

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Indeed, in the absence of other transcendental values, their earthly concerns became magnified so as to encompass their whole moral and ethical universe.
argues that Christianity is a worldly religion: "Heavenly participation does not mean that we should ignore the earthly concerns.
His art traversed empyreal heights and immanent grounds--touching transcendence only to sink back down into earthly concerns.
It's not that our earthly concerns, religious or secular, are unimportant, it's just that we could use some perspective here.
They give means of expanding our understanding beyond the earthly concerns for capital and power that have driven our space experience so far, such as growing human identity through space tourism and manipulating both cosmic imperialism and social resistance.
We shared common interests in the earthly concerns of environmental issues and in the more ethereal expanses of spirituality (primarily informed by Eastern philosophies).
Facing deadly dangers while traversing the skies, pilots emerged as individuals removed from earthly concerns and willing to give their lives for the cause of aviation.
My perch on the jetty sticking out from the steep bank made me feel detached from earthly concerns.
Written with both spiritual and earthly concerns in mind, The Caleb Quest strives to present the wisdom of God and the Bible in tangible form with discussion questions, and solid advice than anyone can ponder and follow in their struggles to make their own dreams come true.
Not only does it take time and attention away from earthly concerns, the authors speculate, but when a lot of people attend, it may be a sign that organized religion in that country strongly influences "laws and regulations that affect economic incentives," such as those governing credit and insurance markets.
However, in the course of his journey, Dante has undergone a fundamental transformation and, by the time he reaches Beatrice, he abandons Virgil's earthly concerns by endorsing a vision of poetry as a transcendental endeavor.
For the Jubilee was an occasion for earthly concerns to join with faith in the spirit of the people.
Pious bequests plummeted, giving way to the earthly concerns of patriliny throughout the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries.
But it is one that says much about Hong Kong people, their religious beliefs, superstitions and earthly concerns.
Those of us who choose to focus on earthly concerns are not, therefore, turning our backs on human needs.