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an inhabitant of the earth

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Originally, eight years ago, back in 2010, we just hoped to harvest a modest amount of consternation energy by having our operatives create a little bit of what earthlings call "congressional gridlock" in that U.
Gort is forced to lie and keep Bud a secret because they are not allowed to talk to Earthlings.
While announcing the danger, Nicholoas Johnson, the chief scientist for space debris, did some maths to minimize the anxiety of the 7-billion strong earthlings.
One is that the partner God sought for the earthling was a like one, and, hence, the other animals would not do.
Even though Owen has decided to make Wales his home, only he can say whether he considers himself Welsh, English, British, European or, heaven forbid, Earthling (well, I am told we now live in a global village).
His cockiness maybe premature," said the prime minister, "The technicians have examined a new tide of earthling brain waves.
And Martians hold a special place in Earthling imagination--perhaps because the real Mars is so alien, yet so Earthlike.
Put on your examination gloves and join Danoid in a part-by-part evaluation of a young earthling named Pete, who doesn't even have sense enough to be scared.
Then we will kill you, earthling, you and your kind.
Geoception", by Earthling Technology, allows players to command and control UAVs and other combat drones in a realistic manner, anywhere in the world.
Flowk, disguised as a young Earthling, attends school, where he befriends Susan and together, they have many wild, funny adventures.
I don't rightly know how sir, but ALB1, who was assigned to the West Side, ended up in the entomology collection of one Geoff Ford, an earthling pest exterminator who co-owns a business in the city.
As a result, the population has become a bit infantilized; when invading Earthling forces are spotted entering Terra's atmosphere, the fliers are assumed by some to be approaching gods.
After giving the earthling the vocation to serve and till the earth, God realizes that it would not be good for this earthling to be alone, and God makes the creatures from the soil of the earth, just like Adam/earthling.
Tyson's "Magic Items"--spells cast on ordinary objects, sometimes recorded in books or posted as signs--have created parallel universes, scheduled the Apocalypse, reversed time, and transformed the consciousness of every single earthling.