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Synonyms for earthly

Synonyms for earthly

relating to or characteristic of the earth or of human life on earth

capable of being anticipated, considered, or imagined

Antonyms for earthly

of or belonging to or characteristic of this earth as distinguished from heaven

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Mulberry": earthliness is my book multi / leaved and electric the wires / spark weaker than no sun / sets as it rises the sun / sets as it rises on the lip of / a leaf what my mouth / builds dark I will build darker: // white new moon / of fingernail's edge or bright noon of tooth / where I stand where I came to stand / where I stood and had stood / longer than my life the tree leaned / over the broken
acceptance of earthliness that existed, for Ginsberg, as a means to get
Paul Jordan-Smith calls the essay Pater's "remarkable confession of faith," which "would bring back the spirit of paganism with its earthliness, its naturalness, and unite it to the gentleness and sympathy of Christian thought" (242).
The constant reference of the life of faith to everyday earthliness gives the pious Jewish home in its best form something of that mood that Holderlin .
Frederick Crews claimed that 'Jewishness, earthliness, filth and sexuality are symbolically interchangeable in [Hawthorne's] imagination'.
In the cup, the coffee boasts abundant body and a smooth, pleasant earthliness.