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Synonyms for earthen

consisting of or resembling soil

relating to or characteristic of the earth or of human life on earth

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When I saw them clear red, I let them stand in that heat about five or six hours, till I found one of them, though it did not crack, did melt or run; for the sand which was mixed with the clay melted by the violence of the heat, and would have run into glass if I had gone on; so I slacked my fire gradually till the pots began to abate of the red colour; and watching them all night, that I might not let the fire abate too fast, in the morning I had three very good (I will not say handsome) pipkins, and two other earthen pots, as hard burnt as could be desired, and one of them perfectly glazed with the running of the sand.
No joy at a thing of so mean a nature was ever equal to mine, when I found I had made an earthen pot that would bear the fire; and I had hardly patience to stay till they were cold before I set one on the fire again with some water in it to boil me some meat, which it did admirably well; and with a piece of a kid I made some very good broth, though I wanted oatmeal, and several other ingredients requisite to make it as good as I would have had it been.
Then sweeping away all the embers, I set down my loaf or loaves, and whelming down the earthen pot upon them, drew the embers all round the outside of the pot, to keep in and add to the heat; and thus as well as in the best oven in the world, I baked my barley-loaves, and became in little time a good pastrycook into the bargain; for I made myself several cakes and puddings of the rice; but I made no pies, neither had I anything to put into them supposing I had, except the flesh either of fowls or goats.
SUKKUR -- Earthen lamps, clay toys and several other artefacts were unearAthAed during six days of excavation at archaeological site Moomal Ji Mari in Mathelo village of Ghotki district, according to an official handout issued on Monday.
1 (ANI): Ahead of the festival of Holi, a group of widows from Vrindavan prepared earthen pots filled with 'gulaal' (coloured powder) to be gifted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Mr Francis Gichuhi, an architect and founder of architectural firm A4 Architects, says earthen buildings have superior thermal qualities compared with other buildings.
Tenders are invited for Providing earthen drains along the internal roads at industrial park, Tanuku w.
The fish farming cage system include polytanks, concrete tanks and earthen pond.
com)-- Widescope Media and Entertainment Network launched its own meditation music platform Earthen Call on YouTube on 15th May 2016.
In Syria near Abu Kamal, one strike struck an ISIL-used earthen bridge.
With the intention of improving the housing conditions of certain vulnerable groups, the Colombian Department for Social Prosperity (Departamento para la Prosperidad Social or DPS) and Argos have signed an agreement for a strategic partnership aimed at replacing the earthen floors of the homes of those in the DPS program in the departments of Atlantico, Magdalena and Choco.
WHEN YOU first see a large cluster of earthen lamps spread around, you wonder whether the remnants of Diwali have not been cleared yet.
The observation recorded were divided into three groups according to type of floor such as birck bedded, concrete and earthen floor on which they were housed.
Patna: Frenzied villagers scrambled for thousands of ancient silver coins in Bihar, which were found packed in eight earthen pots during digging for the construction of a Hindu temple.
In the past two years, Soini, owner of Leominster-based Earthen Moss, has expanded her line to include wristlets and smart phone sleeves.