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Synonyms for earthbound

Synonyms for earthbound

confined to the earth

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lacking wit or imagination

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Fresh, easy and single-serve are of particular importance to Millennial shoppers, says Glenn of Earthbound.
With Earthbound Farm as part of its portfolio, WhiteWave will now provide the two most popular gateways for consumers to enter into the organic category, produce and dairy, and have a significant foothold in the fresh foods category.
Earthbound Farm will become a separate business unit within WhiteWave and will be based in San Juan Bautista, California, the buyer added.
Daniels has pledged to invite competitors come view the Earthbound Farms' vegetable packing facility, where he says his company has developed an automated, in-line sanitation system that vastly improves food safety.
American Forests and Earthbound Farm's reforestation efforts in Sierra National Forest will not only improve the area's ecosystem, but will also enhance its recreation by helping reforest areas around the mountain's ski slopes.
Today, Earthbound is available in three-quarters of supermarkets in the United States.
Worst Week's'' antics soar well over the top, but the show remains earthbound thanks to Miller and Alexander's exquisitely droll performances.
All the major news channels started round-the-clock coverage on the "crisis", forcing a recall of packaged fresh and organic spinach by all the major producers, not the least of which is Earthbound Farms, a Carmel company and the largest organic supplier in the country.
Earthbound, it begins in silence while two men dance a brief duet; on opening night Damian Drake and Paul Destrooper set the heavy-hearted tone.
Her friend Bug (also an orphan) yearns to fly and be a "Wing," but he seems as earthbound as Gurl.
From the entrance you either descend (guided by a cold steel handrail) into the stone-clad earthbound lower floors, seemingly cut from the raw landscape, or rise (guided by warm timber) to the galleries above.
Further, his working of the pigment shows the inner life to be necessarily material, earthbound.
According to Branson, who says he's pursuing a childhood dream, Virgin plans to invest as much as $108 million to buy five such spaceships, as well as the earthbound infrastructure required to support them.
Hopefully, by then, those of us with more modest, earthbound travel requirements won't be resenting the cost of our delayed train rides.
And I loved flying--far above the world, all the troubles of Earthbound life seeming to slip away under our wings.