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Synonyms for earth-goddess

a goddess of fertility and vegetation

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Then at one critical point, the artist combined a molten-glass, earth-goddess figure with a metallic patina of fused copper and bronze powders to create the technical foundation for his stunning Vitrolith series.
iii) The Image of the Goddess in the New Testament [on the woman clothed with the sun in Revelation 12 and early Christian interpretations thereof], (iv) The Great Mother and Montanism, (v) The Women Who Sacrificed to Mary [on the Kollyridians], (vi) From Devotion to Doctrine [Mary as virgin-mother, earth-Goddess and queen], and finally (vii) Mary and the History of Salvation [Eve-Marry-Church, Mary mother of God].
For once, she looked uber-modern in a neon yellow and black strapless Armani Prive column dress - a welcome change from her usual floaty earth-goddess frocks.
At once doughy spinster, sensual earth-goddess and angelic mommy-cum-nursemaid, Josie is perhaps a character only a male alcoholic writer could (or would want to) create.