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a god of fertility and vegetation

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After the woman had disappeared into the dusty temple Hsin-Yi Yang explained in her perfect American English, that Wang told her that the first god to be installed at the site of the present day temple was the earth god because a square stone tamer with the deeply carved likeness of this ancient and well venerated Chinese deity was originally located at a shrine (Figure 4), which stood on the location of the present Fortune Prospectus Temple.
Pointing to the side hall where the wooden statue of Lo Ming sat in his glass case on a large red lacquer coloured table along with other popular deities from the Chinese pantheon of gods, Wang explained that although Lo Ming did not mind sharing the temple with the earth god, his followers were hoping to someday build a temple dedicated just to him.
Even after the author showed that the central deity is Tudi Gong, the Earth God, Mr.
As local Earth God, Tudi Gong surely must be concerned with local welfare and have jurisdiction over the local waters; as powerful protector from watery dangers, Bei Di surely must also be concerned with those waters; as Bok Kai, god(s) and temple together stand vigilant.
In this regard, Baker's observation, which I have proposed several times in this book, best grasps the interrelation between Tudi Gong and people's senses of community and identity: 'it is, I think, what the Earth God symbolizes that holds my interest.
After the heavy rains in May or June, the Pwo plant rice seeds on soaked soil and inform their earth god.
For the Pwo, Songthari, the earth god, is the master.
Let's take care of the good earth God gave us and work with him in partnership.
First was the goddess Nammu, the primeval sea; she gave birth to An, the sky god, and Ki, the earth god -- earth and sky, both solid elements, being joined together.
Remember, after creating the Earth God took an entire day to rest.
Contract awarded for Earth gods river maintenance work
The organisation will reform as the Druidical IRA and dedicate itself to achieving a united Ireland with the help of the Earth gods and goddesses.
He said: "Before the work on the arch is started, we need to pray to the earth gods to bless the ground.
The sharp distinction between sky gods and earth gods, such as that asserted by Isocrates (V.
The realms of sky gods and earth gods are distinguished, but not by denying or rejecting the truth represented by the Furies: that the "mind of the past," as the Furies call themselves, can be contained and integrated, but never transcended.