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a colored mineral used as a pigment

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Color gradients are the main plot: gray gradually evolves into calm earth colors, with a perfect ending of elegant black.
Artists used earth colors and natural substances, mixing glue with acids and plant dyes to restore the drawings to their previous state.
As part of the Sahen Amman project, GAM is using earth colors that suit the nature of Amman, that are resistant to weather conditions and water-based mould, and that are of the highest quality, specifications, and durability; these paints are also resistant to cracks, alkaline, and UV rays, and can be washed.
Transitional designs in soft earth colors seem to be the order of the day, while traditional designs are still popular but continue to emerge in more current color palettes.
Students made clay pots and painted them with earth colors, then talked about where the Native Americans got their colors for their pottery as tube paint wasn't available.
Other similarities noted were his use of earth colors, simplicity of composition, and "mysteriousness.
Earth colors and natural wild life are BIG this spring: Why not decorate your cave with hand-drawn stencils of local hunting scenes using natural pigments
And she'll invest in a lot of earth colors, although she does love silver and black.
The earth colors and sedimentary layering of the birch at the base recall the earth, as the metal roof color recalls the sky.
Their distinctive earth colors and vibrant abstract patterns in natural wool express an unmistakable regional character and have attracted buyers far and wide.
Tribeca is finished in washable, translucent, non-toxic glazes of brick red, sky blue and earth colors ranging from ocher to "dark UPS van.
com, launched one year ago, now features a fresh, new design with in-depth information about the PENTAX line of Optio waterproof cameras that are available in silver as well as the summer earth colors of green and brown.
An interior color palette of soft earth colors, warm browns, and stained wood trim provide a comfortable, rich ambience that encourages a positive and relaxing atmosphere for resident and staff interaction.
Wendy Reiss, key account manager for Kas Rugs, said she's seeing far more browns, sage greens and other earth colors in designs these days, and many lines are using muted colors, in general.
Both the old and new buildings are faced with brick in various shades of warm earth colors.