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Synonyms for earsplitting

marked by extremely high volume and intensity of sound

Synonyms for earsplitting

loud enough to cause (temporary) hearing loss

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Russ Pierce, who was in the area when the earsplitting crash occurred, heard a train coming on the opposite track, so he ran lit flares to warn the conductor about the debris.
DESPITE the plague of earsplitting music, strobe lights and annoyingly slow staff, pubs are meant to be places of relaxation.
To thunderous applause, roaring cheers and earsplitting air horns - much to the chagrin of school staff - 300 La Canada High School seniors earned the title of graduate on Tuesday as they crossed the threshold into adulthood.
They range from the earsplitting metal bands to the gentler sounds of jazzman George Melly and Barbara Dickson.
2 miles,'' said Kristy Oden, of Walnut, who with two friends shrieked earsplitting ``woohoos'' as walkers left the studio lot.
Two greenside bunkers form the final hazard, unless you count those earsplitting shrieks from the peacock who sometimes wanders the right-side rough bordering the adjacent zoo.
The Government has liberated the good old fashioned pub and curbed the earsplitting antics of plastic nightclubs that break the law to stay open far into the night, spilling rowdy customers into the streets at unearthly hours.
The crowd greeted Seles with earsplitting applause and more of the same as she left the stadium.
To the peal of cathedral bells that Czar Nicholas had ordered installed 95 years ago, cannons fired 19 earsplitting blasts - two short of the normal 21-gun salute, because Nicholas had abdicated his throne before his death - and the service ended.
For many football buffs at the Rose Bowl on Thursday, proof of die-hard fan status involved hurling earsplitting insults at the enemy followed by beer-can-crunching toasts to the home team.
A mariachi band struck up with an earsplitting blast of horns at the San Fernando Veterans of Foreign Wars hall when Cardenas strolled in with his wife, Norma, and three children about 4:30 p.
The city had been sued by angry residents who dislike the messy habits of the peacocks and their earsplitting cries.
The corncrake's earsplitting call that gave it its Latin name "crex crex" is echoing again around the RSPB sanctuary on the shores of Belfast Lough.
Today, millions of Americans suffer from noise pollution caused by planes, road traffic, car alarms, boom boxes, stereos, and many other volume-enhanced contraptions, some of them earsplitting by design.
The latest craze began earlier this year when a Scandinavian teenager developed an earsplitting high frequency sound into a ringtone.