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Synonyms for earsplitting

marked by extremely high volume and intensity of sound

Synonyms for earsplitting

loud enough to cause (temporary) hearing loss

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The corncrake's earsplitting call that gave it its Latin name "crex crex" is echoing again around the RSPB sanctuary on the shores of Belfast Lough.
Today, millions of Americans suffer from noise pollution caused by planes, road traffic, car alarms, boom boxes, stereos, and many other volume-enhanced contraptions, some of them earsplitting by design.
Other researchers note that shorter exposures or less earsplitting volumes might not have similar effects.
I'll never forget marching across the field with two teammates from New York, embraced by the earsplitting cheers of the crowd.
The lights came up, management froze the wheel, and the TV volume was ratcheted up to earsplitting levels.
For some people, listening to earsplitting music just once is enough to trigger hearing damage, says audiologist Holly Kaplan of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association.
For the third time, FIND audiences voted Japan's Karas company the most popular group in the festival for its earsplitting Noiject ("Noise Project') [see Reviews/International, November 1992, page 110].
Aside from a noise hotline, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has set up a new website for the public to report earsplitting vehicles.
Philip Bailey's voice remains a treasure of soul pop, soaring to earsplitting falsetto levels in the latter half of the show.
In between, this sequel careens wildly between the uninspired and the absurd, building up to an earsplitting, freakishly over-the-top finale that seems born either of desperation or a bender that would make Hunter S.
A judge heard mother-of-three McLoughlin played earsplitting music, especially Eminem and Dido, day and night.
Not so for the new school, most specifically Josh "Outside Voice" Harmony who was shouting and screeching at his normal earsplitting decibel from the moment he got poolside with all the prudence of a drunk howler monkey.
After an earsplitting cannonade, the dark cloud flamed red and stones hissed through the air, landing at the feet of bewildered spectators.
The earsplitting extravaganza has earned a hallowed position in the busiest tour season with a relentless commitment to its core fans and the consistency of quality they demand as their birthright.
GLENDALE - Squealing tires and an earsplitting crash silenced 700 ClarkMagnet School teen-agers Wednesday morning.