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electro-acoustic transducer for converting electric signals into sounds

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The necklace also includes a battery that will recharge one's Bluetooth earpiece for extended talk time.
She told the tribunal she had not realised her response had been seen by viewers, who were unaware of the earpiece abuse.
Within a minute or two, the right earpiece would work its way out of my ear.
The Duty Free management reported us that a bluetooth earpiece was stolen.
This compensates for acoustic leakage between the user's ear and the earpiece," Chen wrote in the patent.
AN EAR product manufacturer has been brought in to supply Welsh Assembly members with translation earpieces so that English speakers can follow Welsh-only items.
In addition, the base unit and earpiece are magnetized, so they stick together when the user is not on a call, which prevents the earpiece from dangling.
The earpiece also provides high inbound audio quality.
Carol never wore an earpiece at all when she did the show and she fears she might get tarred by this.
The ornamental earpiece starts at the upper edge of the front bezel.
The earpiece supports up to five hours of talk time, while the charging case provides an extra five-hour charge.
AN ex-neighbourhood watch officer conned people into thinking he was a cop by using a fake police badge, notepad and earpiece.
Thrown away his earpiece, says it does his old head in.
Just between you, me and the fellow with the earpiece and dark glasses who's ducking behind Mrs.
She looked at me like I was stupid, and that's when I noticed the earpiece from her cell phone.