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electro-acoustic transducer for converting electric signals into sounds

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If someone is going on the stipulated speed limit, though he is expected to consider other road users, a man with an earpiece, who probably would not hear the honks of a vehicle, cannot sue the driver who hits him.
It is important to note though that the iPhone X's earpiece doubles as the speaker that works with the traditional speaker at the bottom of the device in delivering stereo sounds.
Within a minute or two, the right earpiece would work its way out of my ear.
Rob, 17 She clearly doesn't know the difference between a mic and an earpiece.
The new design has the back of the silicone earpiece completely enveloping the headset body on each side.
Prosecutors accused the 21-year-old Emirati policeman of abusing his public office and taking the earpiece which belonged to a government department [Dubai Civil Aviation].
That picture is then compared with standard earprints to work out how far from the user's eardrum the earpiece is.
Nick Bourne, leader of the Welsh Conservatives, with the earpiece he uses in chamber, pictured with Lee Kennedy, sales coordinator with Minerva Laboratories
The earpiece also provides high inbound audio quality.
A source close to the star said: "Carol is outraged people might think she wore an earpiece and was told answers through it.
The ornamental earpiece starts at the upper edge of the front bezel.
The earpiece supports up to five hours of talk time, while the charging case provides an extra five-hour charge.
Although it may be confused with that thing worn by communications officer Uhura from the original Star Trek(played by pioneering actress Nichelle Nichols), the Bluetooth earpiece increases freedom and mobility for treks within the galaxy too.
Thrown away his earpiece, says it does his old head in.
Just between you, me and the fellow with the earpiece and dark glasses who's ducking behind Mrs.