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electro-acoustic transducer for converting electric signals into sounds

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For a generation glued to their earphones, Earphone Bully puts the listener in the shoes of a silent victim, prompting them to take action to stop bullying.
The company's just launched earphone is a perfect example of Schultz's highly appreciated craftsmanship popularly known in the industry asSchultz Innovation .
While many high quality earphones and headsets cost an upwards of $100, NuForce continues to drop the price of its product while maintaining its audio value.
We are thrilled to have her endorsement of the Purebuds Earphones and recognition of the pure music, safe sound offering it affords everyone due to the reverse sound technology & custom audio tips.
The earphone itself is tiny, very light and about the size of a 5p piece.
Yurbuds not only offer affordable sound for athletes, they allow the wearer to work out longer and more often, eliminating the pain points and awkward fit found in other earphones on the market.
1 Selling Sport Earphones Debuts at IFA in Germany this September
ER*4PT earphones for travelers who use the world's most accurate earphones
vn showcases redesigned earphones that is likely to accompany the next-generation iPhone.
Now, DAC Technology introduces an elegant solution for this problem with Boost, the fully digital earphone with its own built in DAC and high powered amplifier to deliver the best audio while on the go at only a fraction of the cost of other comparable earphone and DAC combinations.
The Ultimate Ears 100 Blue Robots features a blue robot on each earphone - and includes a deep blue cable and aqua blue ear cushions.
To provide an inexpensive fully digital earphone that's convenient to use.
The precision-shaped pressure ring inside each earphone can be customized to achieve desired frequency tones.
Now, for the first time in a wearable earphone product, ROAM EQ enables Ropes users to personalize the sound dynamics (base, treble, mid-ranges) in their earphones through an elegant mobile application interface.
Combining great sound with cool colors, the new Comply[TM] Foam Tips S-Series line of earphone replacement tips from Hearing Components provides consumers with an outlet to express themselves in new ways.