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Synonyms for earn

Synonyms for earn

to receive, as wages, for one's labor

to acquire as a result of one's behavior or effort

Synonyms for earn

acquire or deserve by one's efforts or actions


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You're more likely to earn your living as a bonne a tout faire than as a painter.
I was so troubled in my mind, that I wouldn't have knowed more, no, not for the sum as I expect to earn from you by the sweat of my brow, twice told
Still her conscience was so tender that she even doubted the propriety of accepting her old wages were she really incompetent to earn them.
Crimsworth has set me; I can earn my wages conscientiously, and those wages are sufficient to enable me to live.
The father sighed, and answered him: 'You shall soon learn what it is to shudder, but you will not earn your bread by that.
But, reverend master, it is not sufficient to pass one's life, one must earn the means for life.
My brother John helped me all that he could, but of course that was not a great deal, for his work was in the coal-mine, where he did not earn much, and most of what he did earn went in the direction of paying the household expenses.
This worried Uncle Henry a good deal, for without the farm he would have no way to earn a living.
She would not take Marilla's money; and there seemed little prospect of being able to earn enough in the summer vacation.
Have you taken it up for a pastime, or - to earn money?
We had to live, and like all our young ladies I did not know how to earn anything.
He has reduced himself to poverty, and intends to go to sea again to earn a living.
Having been challenged by the blacksmith, in a spirit of banter, to attempt the breaking of a certain incorrigible colt, he succeeded so signally as to earn quite a reputation as a horse-breaker.
Of course, he cautioned himself, it would be slow succeeding at first, and for a time he would be content to earn enough money by his writing to enable him to go on studying.
cried the King, unsheathing his consoler-under- disappointment; "how dare you claim my daughter when you have done nothing to earn her?