earnings report

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a financial statement that gives operating results for a specific period

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It was a reflection of (investors') increased tolerance for riskier assets and the strong earnings report by Apple,'' he said.
NTS's earnings report for the first quarter identifies the property takeover by Santa Clarita as one of several reasons for the gross margin decline, but attributes much of the drop-off to other factors.
Akai Electric said it plans to resubmit its earnings report on Tuesday, after consultation with the MOF's Kanto Finance Bureau.
The prosecutors and the commission have obtained a memo indicating the former chairman instructed his subordinates to window-dress the earnings report, investigators said.
The bureau refused to accept Akai Electric's earnings report Monday on the grounds that both assets and liabilities mentioned in the report are 1.
But the company's stock performance Monday was less in anticipation of the earnings report than it was a recovery from the market's recent battering, he said.
Given that they are the firms representing the United States, the impact (on the Tokyo market) is big,'' Segawa said, adding investors' initial optimism about the high-tech sector following Tuesday's upbeat earnings report from Intel Corp.
The effect of the earnings report is likely to be insignificant unless it's a blowout on the downside of something under 8 cents a share,'' said Barry Hyman, an analyst with Ehrenkrantz King Nussbaum who has forecasted 10 cents a share.
In terms of other fourth quarter line items management discussed in the outlook provided in its third quarter earnings report, the company anticipates: (1) other revenue and amortization of purchased IP in line with previous outlook; (2) gross margin at the high end of the range of 51% to 55%; (3) operating expenses at the low end of the range of $5 million to $6 million; and, (4) stock option expense of approximately $120,000 instead of $325,000.
Here's a preview of the earnings reports due out today from some of the area's largest companies (and headquarter location):
shocked Wall Street with its third-quarter earnings report issued on Oct 24, and the ripple effect hasn't ended yet.
Sudikoff was accused of inflating the earnings report of a telecommunications company and then selling his holdings to avoid big losses, the Securities and Exchange Commission said in a complaint filed Tuesday.
All and all, it was a pretty ugly earnings report if you just looked at the topline numbers, but the company is doing all the right things to get back on the growth track.
Six of the 14 covering analysts adjusted their projections for full-year earnings following the earnings report, pushing the consensus estimate to $2.
In a prime example of "the trend is your friend," Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM) hit yet another all-time high today, riding the back of a sold earnings report and strong guidance going forward.