earning per share

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the portion of a company's profit allocated to each outstanding share of common stock

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The unaudited financial statement for the company for the fiscal year ended December 31st 2012 which was published today at MSM website pointed out that the earning per share in 2012 amounted to 123 baizes compared to 75 baizes in 2011.
Present study includes five tables on Top 100 companies according to Sales, Networth, Ratio of Pretax Profit to Networth, Earning Per Share and Brek-up Value.
Earning Per Share down 5 per cent compared to 2008.
84 billion for the first quarter financial year 2017, translating into earning per share (eps) at Rs.
55 basic and diluted earning per share for the first quarter ended 31 March 2016, up from the net income of USD537,000 or USD0.
Earning per share for the nine months ended September 30, 2013 was recalculated to reflect the increase in the bank capital from 1.
The board of directors of the NBP declared that the bank's earning per share has increased to Rs 6.
7% in headline earnings to 190 million rand, which resulted in the increase in diluted headline earning per share by 42.
10 share IGI Insurance Limited occupies the first position in the table on Earning per Share with its earning at Rs.
3m for the quarter, which would have meant, had these charges not been made, an earning per share of $0.
Earning per share increased on a year-over-year basis and GEL stated that all segments reported improved performance from the prior year period.
7 million in Q1 2014, with earning per share of KWD 0.
06 net diluted earning per share for its second quarter of fiscal year 2013 ended 28 February 2013, up compared to the net income of USD838,577 or USD0.
The company has announced earning per share (EPS) of Rs3.