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  • verb

Synonyms for earn

Synonyms for earn

to receive, as wages, for one's labor

to acquire as a result of one's behavior or effort

Synonyms for earn

acquire or deserve by one's efforts or actions


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Of those earning between PS50k and PS54,999, 85 were men and 71 were women; 231 men and 168 women earned between PS55k and PS59,999; 37 men and 26 women earned between PS60k and PS64,999; 55 men and 43 women earned between PS65k and PS69,999; 44 men and 33 women earned between PS70k and PS74,999; 26 men and 17 women earned between PS75k and PS79,999, six men and seven women earned between PS80k and PS84,999; 11 men and eight women earned between PS85k and PS89,999; and 11 men and five women earned between PS90k and PS94,999.
Those earning between EGP 30,000 and EGP 45,000 will now pay the 15% tax rate, with those earning between EGP 45,000 and EGP 250,000 paying 20%, and 25% for those above EGP 250,000.
Babysitting is the most popular way for young people to earn extra money, with around half of under-18s doing some babysitting, earning anaverage of pounds 16.
AirTran Rewards and Frontier became earning and redemption partners in each other's mileage programs.
For most disabled women who are covered by a collective agreement their earnings are still in the bottom two quarters of the earnings range, but CCSD says that "male workers with disabilities have fairly similar earning profiles to their non-disabled counterparts as long as they are covered by a collective agreement.
The 87 percent of treasurers earning awards in 1995 received an average of 30 percent of base salary, and the 87 percent of controllers who earned awards averaged 27 percent of their 1995 base salary.
By the 1960s, welfare policy accommodated state work rules and progressively strengthened earning requirements within federal law - not as a mediator of labor, but as a mediator of political pressure and public spending.
While many Canadians make their RRSP contributions on the last possible day, you should consider making the contribution earlier, thereby maximizing the benefits of earning tax-sheltered income.
Working New Yorkers earning less than $38,000 may qualify for a substantial refund from the federal government.
US Airways Dividend Miles members miles earned for transactions with more than 50 program partners count toward earning elite status for 2007.
Mystic River'' remaining in the top 10 by earning $4.
The first year, as an internal auditor at J&J Industries, she was involved in technology-related services approximately 150 hours, earning 5 points in business experience.