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someone who earn wages in return for their labor

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By the definition of sweetened beverages under RA 109631, it includes soft drinks, soda, fruit drinks, punches, sports drinks or energy drinks, which are being consumed by the average Filipino, 80 percent of which are low-income earners, basing it on the data from market research firm AC Nielsen.
I'm absolutely thrilled to win my first Poc Fada title," Earner said.
The average annual rent per fee earner in the city is PS11,066.
While the share of top earners who are women has been small throughout the period being studied, the authors find that over time women have become better represented in the top earnings group.
This regression also does not indicate a significant difference in contributions between the earner and two-earner treatments.
By working five years beyond the age of eligibility, the lowest income earners can boost their annuity payout by 98%.
The advantage of the reduced-form approach compared to a structural approach is in the transparency of the modeling assumptions and the flexibility in incorporating changes in status from dual earner to single earner.
First, working part time involuntarily or voluntarily should not be conflated with being a primary or secondary wage earner.
The private medical university said that 34 of its professors admitted to receiving a total of about 40 million yen in cash or gift certificates from degree earners, mainly graduate students at the university, in the name of honoraria between January 2001 and March 2008.
Soros regains the top spot in Alpha's third annual ranking of top hedge fund earners after falling off the list last year, when Bruce Kovner of New York-based Caxton Associates led the pack.
In 9,300,000, or 75%, of one-earner households, the husband is the wage earner.
Because these data are taken from a file of individual income tax returns, they do not reveal the gender or age of the earner, nor do they indicate how much deferred income is being received by these earners.
Both real consumption quantities and budget shares of consumption categories were found to differ by household earner type.
The dramatic increase in the numbers of employed women into the labor market, combined with the rise of dual earner families, has led researchers to closely examine the changing roles of work, family, and community.
One's primary identification could be student or primary wage earner, and disability issues may or may not be prominent in service delivery.