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either of a pair of ear coverings (usually connected by a headband) that are worn to keep the ears warm in cold weather

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Pro Tech's most recognized brands include the Apollo(TM) line of high-performance products for office and call center environments, the ProCom(TM) line of highly-durable headsets for drive-through restaurant personnel and the NoiseBuster(R) electronic noise canceling consumer audio headphone and safety earmuff.
Leading solutions include the highest attenuating Max(R) single-use earplug; patented Air Flow Control(TM) technology for optimal earmuff attenuation; QuietDose(TM) personal in-ear dosimetry; and the industry-changing VeriPRO(TM) earplug fit testing system.
March 23 /PRNewswire/ -- The NoiseBuster Active Noise Reduction ("ANR") Safety Earmuff is specifically designed to reduce the noise generated by lawn, landscape and garden power equipment such as mowers, loaders, skid steers, compact excavators, chain saws, vacuums, blowers, and other noisy devices.
AOSafety, familiar to most of us as the makers of Peltor earmuffs, recently introduced a women's line of safety equipment called Select.
Unlike traditional passive-only earmuffs and earplugs, the NoiseBuster Electronic Noise Canceling Safety Earmuff provides greater protection from a wider range of noise frequencies, particularly the low frequency noise generated by engines, motors and fans.
At the end of each show day, there will be a drawing for a free NoiseBuster ANR Safety Earmuff.
The Ultra 26 earmuff is a great choice for women as it the thinnest and lightest cup offered by Pro Ears.
The NoiseBuster Earmuff cancels background noise so that music can be enjoyed at safe volume levels.
The most popular of the seven earmuff models is the Leightning L0F Earmuff Ultraslim.
The folding Impact Sport earmuff electronically amplifies low-level ambient sounds, such as range commands or normal conversation, while instantly "clipping" potentially damaging sounds above 82 dB.
If you're trying to help a very petite woman find a good earmuff and eye protection combination, consider Silencio's Junior Safety Combo.
The new system was developed for earmuff and headset application but it applies to many other applications where pressures are exerted to the human head.
The Impact Pro electronic earmuff features a Noise Reduction Rating of 30, offering protection over 82 dB, with the ability to amplify conversation.
We put a better electronic earmuff into someone's hands and talk about its benefits.