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Synonyms for earmark

Synonyms for earmark

to set aside or apart for a specified purpose

Synonyms for earmark

identification mark on the ear of a domestic animal

Related Words

a distinctive characteristic or attribute

give or assign a resource to a particular person or cause

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137 million have been earmarked for construction of central office of National Highways and Motorway Police (NH and MP) in Islamabad.
7 billion in earmarked projects, President Barack Obama favorably cited the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act as an example of legislation devoid of any congressional earmarks.
After a ban, much of the money that would have been earmarked probably would be spent in a different form.
An allocation of Rs 500 million has been made for import of 100 MW power from Iran while Rs 200 million has been earmarked for interconnection of Chashma Nuclear power plant.
The committee based its report on figures compiled by the Congressional Research Service and on responses by 50 universities to letters sent by Brown about earmarked projects awarded those institutions.
If 15% of distribution revenue is earmarked to cover these fixed costs, then the minimum scale required to break even is distribution revenue of $6.
The importance of earmarked funding is illustrated by the number of law enforcement agencies that engage Washington law firms to shepherd appropriations requests through Congress.
7%, compared to the 13% surge in earmarked dollars, forcing agencies to cut into their core competitive programs to accommodate the appropriations.
According to the LMDC, the City will now be in charge of administering grants to more than 60 downtown cultural initiatives and allocating remaining earmarked funds for projects off the World Trade Center site, including the Fulton Street Corridor and East River Waterfront initiatives.
From his hypothetical AIDS budget he's earmarked $3 billion each for two new interventions--one to initiate federal support for needle-exchange programs for injection-drug users, and another focusing on prisoners, many of whom become infected in prison and then transmit HIV once released.
The looming cuts are certain to squeeze hundreds of projects from the San Fernando Valley to San Bernardino, drawing the ire of local officials who say important programs are being unfairly punished for years of reckless spending in Washington, dramatized in debate over $320 million earmarked earlier this year for a bridge to connect two sparsely populated communities in rural Alaska.
Their claim is tantamount to saying that if an account has been earmarked in the past, then any allocation to it now must be secretly earmarked.
To add financial insult to unconstitutional injury, the Anchorage Daily News reported that the earmarked federal funds won't cover the complete cost of either bridge, further noting that more than half of the money may wind up being subtracted from the regular annual allotment to Alaska, potentially hurting other more necessary roadwork in the state.
PALMDALE - The House of Representatives has earmarked $2.
In a very extensive survey of earmarking, the Chronicle of Higher Education recently reported a record $797 million in earmarked funds for FY 1999, a 51 percent increase over 1998.